NBA Betting Tips: How to Bet on Basketball In 2022


Basketball is a game beloved by many sports fans, and also one of the most-watched attractions ever. Due to the number of spectators, betting on basketball can be fun and profitable, if you understand it and have a good strategy. Even though betting is usually referred to as a game of chance, it is actually a well-thought and planned activity which requires a cold mind and strong analytical skills. In this article we would like to share our NBA betting tips with the readers. Our guide on how to bet on NBA basketball will help you make intelligent decisions and, hopefully, make money from the game. 

Whether you’re visiting a bookmaker to place a bet on a regular-season encounter between the LA Lakers and Golden State Warriors teams, or the NBA finals, or just watching the game on your home TV – this tutorial has covered everything you need to know. 

How To Bet on Basketball

If you’re a novice, there are several basketball betting tips that you will want to know before you begin. It is important to pay attention to them for those who lack experience in the field but love the sport and are ready to use their knowledge of the game. They are clever NBA betting tips to help you gamble responsibly without making rash decisions. They have been compiled together based on the experience of the best analysts and professional bettors. Most of them come from the rupatable reviews platform $10 Neosurf deposit casinos Australia, where there is more information and advice on best Australian casinos that accept deposits through reliable payment method. Find everything you need to know about gambling online with security and fun.

Use the NBA betting tips below if you want to win in the 2022 NBA season. Some of them include understanding basics like NBA betting odds and points spread, choosing the right sportsbook, understanding march madness betting, etc. 

1. Look for Scheduling Advantages

When it comes to the beginning of the season, pay attention to the dates. When the NBA championship 2022 games’ dates are released, analyze them scrupulously. Despite the NBA taking measures to reduce the number of back-to-backs, a team averages 13.5 B2Bs, without rest games. Although this is less than 17% of the regular season, the best NBA tipsters can take advantage of these areas.

Clubs with a longer stretch tend to make the best NBA betting picks. For instance, if the San Antonio Spurs play seven encounters in 10 nights, its stars are likely to be tired when facing another favorite team that has played four times in 10 nights. 

Note this during the league and try to fade clubs during such stretches because they are likely to suffer from tired feet.

Brightly lit NCAA Basketball backboard in a large sports arena.


2. Track Your NBA Betting 

Tracking your wagers is an excellent NBA betting strategy for anyone who wants to become a successful player. Record everything ranging from points to prop bets. Gamblers can do this with the help of an app or website that lets you know your ROI of every bet type to recognize your patterns and to determine your weaknesses and strengths. 

After you track your patterns, you will be able to know where to invest more. 

3. Study and React to Injury Reports

If you decide to gamble on the B-Ball, it’s wise to check out the latest injury or sickness reports. These incidences have a significant effect on the results, meaning, if you’re up to date with the team news, you can make wagers with favorable NBA odds. 

Unlike the other competitions like football with 11 athletes, you cannot underestimate the impact of injuries in the NBA with only five stars. Some bookmakers are not fast to react to injury news when moving their totals and spreads, which is an excellent way to enhance your edge.

Learning how managers approach the competition is also vital betting advice. Some coaches prefer load managing their athletes while others will go all out and try to win every game.

basketball shot


4. Bet Early

One of the reliable NBA betting tips is to begin wagering as soon as the betting markets open. In a vast market like the NBA, nothing goes unnoticed. Lines and market inefficiencies, injury news are updated fast because the betting syndicates and sharpest players across the globe look to take advantage of the value on top teams and totals before value declines. You have a higher winning chance.

Bettors and oddsmakers get access to more details on games as we approach tip-off, meaning when you bet early, you can capitalize the mistakes on the first lines that sportsbooks release before making corrections.

Because betting sites change lines depending on the action sent to them, injuries news, and more, the lines are harder to predict and more accurate as the encounter nears. When you are choosing a betting site, pay primary attention to your security. Look for this information on the most trusted online casino review platform where there are professional comments from the players and bettors on how to find the right platform just for you.

One of the signs of a successful pro bettor is knowing how to beat the final line. Placing wagers early allows wagerers to have a Closing Line Value and enjoy better odds. 

5. Live Betting 

Most websites will offer in-play odds while a match is going on. In-play gaming allows fans to make predictions on every session, such as changing spreads, the next team to score, etc. If you notice the odds you like, take them immediately because they keep on changing. The quicker you can make your betting NBA expert picks, the better. Some of the other essential NBA betting tips include:

  • Make your NBA picks when an NBA game is in stoppage time or commercial break
  • Wager on injuries 
  • Take advantage of pricing mistakes as a result of insufficient data
  • Determine possessions for total POINTS 
  • Learn rotations
  • Know about volatility.


Betting in the NBA requires gamblers to understand the types of NBA bets they will make. If you plan on becoming a bettor in this field, it is good to understand NBA tips like futures betting, score cast, the most prominent NBA events, etc. After learning all the basics, pick a reputable bookmaker, create an account, make a deposit and start betting.

Note that gambling can be addictive, so you need to gamble responsibly. Don’t wager too much before you understand how the BB world works. Never chase losses and always gamble within your budget. You can start by taking advantage of the free and popular welcome bonuses. Taking these tips into account will make your 2022 basketball betting season a successful one.

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