How to Promote Instagram Stories

OXFORD, UK - DECEMBER 5th 2016: An apple iPhone showing the instagram application alongside other instagram printed logos. Instagram is a popular social media application for sharing images and videos


Not every user of this social network knows how to promote stories on Instagram. As a rule, people simply upload some photos there or share their thoughts and ideas, or you could set up ads and show them to the audience, increasing coverage or taking users to your landing page.

There are two methods to make your stories work for the growth of your account — through the Instagram app and on Facebook. Both the one and the other option is simple and understandable, even a child can handle it. Below we will tell you how to do this so that you do not have to buy Instagram followers often.

Why this format is so popular

Instagram has become an integral part of modern life. More than 300 million users log into the app every day to view published stories and share their own with subscribers. A response occurs to every fifth material, and a third of users show greater interest in those products and services that were mentioned in the disappeared stories.

Content of this format helps bloggers build relationships with subscribers. Tell us about yourself, write about your hobbies and do not forget to show what products or services you can buy. By publishing stories, you will quickly introduce the audience to the product offered, rather than writing in the feed, so you will get audience growth without having to buy real Instagram followers.

An easy way to promote

Stories grab attention partly because they are placed at the top of the feed. Almost all subscribers see them, so the number of views is higher than regular posts. There are two ways to promote: increasing engagement and setting up targeted advertising.

To increase engagement, it is recommended to publish content in which subscribers can communicate, exchange opinions, follow links and share your story with other readers.

To do this: launch a draw, one of the conditions of which will be a response to the publication; ask subscribers to answer some simple question; hold a small quiz with prizes for subscribers.

In addition, you can post content more often than competitors. This will allow your stories to be at the top, and more users will be able to see them, including those people who have not yet subscribed to you. If, by promoting your account in this format, you want to reach a large audience, you cannot do without targeted advertising

Stories have a special format — promotions, and it works great. Immediately after posting a publication, open its promotion column. After that, you need to determine the parameters of users who will see the material. Filters can be set by location, gender, age and interests. Try to publish content that will be useful to the people your product or content is aimed at.

The interests built into the service will help you determine the information and promote stories in the form of ads. This setting will increase the reach of the desired audience. Don’t forget to set the amount you are willing to spend during the promotional period, as well as the timing of the publication. Thus, after 24 hours, when the story disappears, users who are not subscribed to your page will be able to see it.

Promotion through Facebook

You can promote through this way if one account is linked to another. In this case, content is created through an Ads Manager ad account. You need to open a new campaign with an indication of any goal and select automatic publication in the account settings.

Depending on the goals pursued, set the schedule for the advertising campaign and the amount you are willing to spend. Next, decide on the format of the display video, single image or carousel will be available. Downloading short videos or photos should be done after setting all the settings.

Please note that the width of the image must be at least 500 pixels, and the video must be in high quality, otherwise the platform will not allow you to promote the publication, and you will not be able to launch an advertising campaign.

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