The ESPN Roast Of Chris Paul Began Monday Morning, Hosted By Patrick Beverley


The Pheonix Suns were sent home on Sunday night after a blowout loss to the Mavericks prevented the team from defending their Western Conference title. Chris Paul losing has seemed to bring out a few of his enemies. One of those adversaries would be Patrick Beverley. Beverley had plenty to say on Monday mornings edition of ESPN’s Get Up about the Pheonix point guard.

Pat Beverley let it all hang out during his appearance on Get Up Monday. Beverley continued to attack Paul’s defensive performance and gifted the internet with more fuel to the Chris Paul choking in the playoffs fire. If you can leave Stephen A. Smith speechless on his own show, you have achieved legendary television status.

The Minnesota Timberwolves guard chimed in immediately after the Sun’s loss on Sunday night, questioning former NBA player Jeremy Lin on why Paul is deserving of an NBA ring. It’s no secret these two have been at odds for quite some time. Now Beverley has further cemented the rivalry between the two. The question we all should be asking is, can we get more players on television absolutely torching one another? This has been one Hell of a Monday morning. m

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