NASCAR’s Hailie Deegan Details Death Threats From Crazed Fan Turned Stalker

NASCAR’s Hailie Deegan is opening up about a crazed fan who was catfished by an account impersonating her. According to Deegan, the fan has turned into a stalker and has launched death threats toward her boyfriend, racecar driver Chase Cabre.

The 20-year-old released a YouTube video titled “Our Lives Are Being Threatened” where she detailed how she first was contacted by the fan who referred to her as his soulmate.

“I went home that day,” she said, “looked up the guy’s name on the note, and figured out that he was getting catfished by a fake Hailie Deegan account… If you are watching, just, please. I’m not threatening, I’m doing anything. I’m just saying, it’s over. It’s not real. Just leave it alone.”

Deegan went on to say that the continued death threats caused her to withdraw from last week’s Freedom 500 race at Bradenton’s Freedom Factory¬† She also played audio of the fan threatening Cabre.

“Boy I swear to f***ing God if your ass ain’t out of North Carolina before the sun goes down, you are guaranteed going to see my motherf***ing face that’s going to be the last motherf***ing you ever see go through you’re motherf***ing eyes. I promise you,” she said.

Deegan said that cops are involved in the situation and that security has been increased around her house, according to TMZ Sports.

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