Who is WWE Star Scott Hall?

Scott Hall is a 63-year old retired wrestling champion. Hall was recently placed on life support after having three heart attacks. The former wrestler had undergone hip replacement surgery. While the surgery had been deemed successful, the world champion is reported to have had a few blood clots. These blood clots are likely to have caused the heart attacks, which have left Hall’s family and fans a little shaken. 

Mid-80s Fame 

Scott Hall rose to fame in the mid-1980s when he competed in the American Wrestling Association. Hall quickly seemed to rise among the ranks, using the name Razor Ramon and stunning opponents and fans with his impressive moves. Hall was frequently a main event act and was part of a tag team partnership with Curt Hennig. This tag team partnership was a very successful one and it no doubt helped Scott Hall’s career. 

Such was Hall’s meteoric rise that fans everywhere purchased Razor Ramon merchandise. This intriguing wrestler still finds himself being the inspiration behind many wrestling characters found in games at Grand Rush, other casinos, and 80s-inspired wrestling games.

The New World Order 

Almost as soon as Scott Hall’s alias left the World Wrestling Federation, he founded another well-known wrestling group. Alongside Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, Razor Ramon established the New World Order, a wrestling group that only added to this Georgian wrestler’s fame. 

Troubled Times 

Scott Hall was known for allegedly abusing prescription pills and alcohol. This abuse apparently took place at the height of his fame. However, Hall should be credited for attending not one or two but 12 rehabilitation centers in a bid to get clean. 

Tee-total until his thirties, Scott Hall did not party with the other wrestlers after matches. A rumor allegedly circulated about him being “Stuck up” because partying was not for him. Perhaps this wrestling legend should have let the rumors circulate and die out as they did not do him any good. 

No More Royalty Checks

Attracted to the world of wrestling in his 20s, and the lifestyle it entails, Scott Hall loved working at night. It was having his days free to do what he wanted that was part of the attraction. However, the good times were not always as profitable as he may have hoped. When Hall left the WWE, it is reported that he no longer received royalty checks. However, this did not stop WWE’s CEO Vince McMahon from paying for his rehabilitation. Rumor has it that Hall no longer received royalty checks as it was feared he’d spend the money on drugs and alcohol. 

Tributes to Razor Ramon 

It is with sadness that World Wrestling Entertainment announced the death of Scott Hall AKA Razor Ramon on March 15th, 2022. Scott Hall was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2014 and is considered to be one of the all-time greats. Indeed, the world of wrestling will no longer be as great without him. While Scott Hall may have retired Razor Ramon back in 2010, his legacy will always live on. 

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