Winter Paralympics TV Schedule 2022: Complete Listings For Beijing Games

Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon, mascots of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics at Qianmen in Beijing China on Jan.29,2022


The 2022 Winter Paralympics are set to officially kick off this week in Beijing, China. The Opening Ceremony takes place on Friday, March 4, and the Games run through Sunday, March 13.

The festivities will be airing on NBC, USA, and Peacock.

Events will take place at all hours of the day, from primetime to the wee hours of the morning.

If you’re looking for when and where to watch a specific event, we have you covered with all of the information you will need to know to catch the action.

A full look at the TV schedule for the 2022 Beijing Games can be seen below.

2022 Winter Paralympics TV Schedule

DateEvent(s)Time (ET)Network/Streaming
Fri., March 4Preview Show6:30-7amUSA, Peacock
Opening Ceremony7-9amUSA, Peacock
Alpine Skiing, Hockey, Biathlon9pm-3amUSA, Peacock
Curling1:30-4amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Sat., March 5Curling6:30-9amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Primetime Paralympics Show8-9pmNBC, Peacock
Snowboarding, Hockey, Skiing9pm-3amUSA, Peacock
Curling1:30-4amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Sun., March 6Daytime ShowNoon-2pmNBC, Peacock
Curling8:30pm-11pmOlympic Channel, Peacock
Snowboarding, Cross-Country Skiing9pm-2amUSA, Peacock
Mon., March 7Curling6:30-9amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Snowboarding*, Hockey*, Skiing*Noon-3pmUSA, Peacock
Hockey, Curling, Biathlon, Alpine Skiing*8:30pm-3amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Tue., March 8Curling6:30-9amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Alpine Skiing*, Hockey*, Biathlon*Noon-3pmUSA, Peacock
Cross-Country Skiing, Curling11pm-4amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Wed., March 9Curling6:30-9amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Cross-Country Skiing*Noon-2pmUSA, Peacock
Curling8:30-11pmOlympic Channel, Peacock
Alpine Skiing, Curling9pm-3amUSA, Peacock
Curling1:30-4amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Thu., March 10Alpine Skiing*10am-NoonUSA, Peacock
Hockey, Alpine Skiing*, Biathlon*11pm-9amUSA, Peacock
Curling Semifinals1:30-4amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Fri., March 11Curling Bronze Medal Game6:30-9amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Primetime Show8-9pmNBC, Peacock
Hockey, Skiing, Snowboarding11pm-9:30amUSA, Peacock
Curling Final1:30-4:30amOlympic Channel, Peacock
Sat., March 12Daytime ShowNoon-1pmNBC, Peacock
Skiing*, Snowboarding*3:30-6pmUSA, Peacock
Primetime Paralympics Show8-9pmNBC, Peacock
Hockey Final, Alpine/Cross-Country Skiing9pm-6amUSA, Peacock
Sun., March 13Closing Ceremony7:30-10amUSA, Peacock
Daytime ShowNoon-1pmNBC, Peacock
Hockey Final*3-5pmUSA, Peacock
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