NFL playoff schedule; what awaits 


The NFL 2021 season is entering the home stretch and the playoff picture is now a bit clearer than it was a few weeks ago. Week 18 is here with us and the questions that NFL fans were asking can now be answered as the postseason bracket fills up. In the National Football Conference, NFL playoffs news indicates that seven teams including the Packers, Champion Buccaneers Cowboys have already secured their places. On the American Football Conference side the Titans, Bengals, and Chiefs have already clinched their places in their respective division. On the other side, the Bills and Patriots are looking to grab the AFC East title. Also, NFL playoff news has it that Titans and Chiefs are still in the running for the number one seed with the remaining two wild-card spots being eyed by five other teams. 

To have a good understanding of the NFL playoff schedule, it is important to make it clear what happens after the playoffs. NFL playoffs bring together the top teams from the regular season every year. It is held to determine the league winner. Currently, there are seven teams from the conferences that qualify for the playoffs. The teams will be competing for the Super Bowl which is the annual championship for the NFL. The tournament serves as the NFL’s final game since 1966 where it replaced the NFL Championship Game. The game was created as part of the merger between the NFL and the rival American Football League- AFL where they agreed to have their best compete to determine the winner of the league. It is among the world’s most-watched single tournaments commanding the largest audience, second only to the UEFA Champions League in terms of the number of people who watch it worldwide.

NFL fake news

Fans have to be aware of NFL fake news as they are spreading around misleading on what will happen as we approach the Super Bowl which is scheduled for February 13th. Some of the NFL fake news revolves around COVID-19 rules, which NFL games have playoff implications and the issue of the coldest NFL playoff games. To get a clear picture of these issues it pays off following the mainstream news and relying on credible sources. It is also advisable to authenticate the news by checking several outlets. Aladar Kollar, an online sports betting expert contends that NFL fake news has done more harm than good: “Az igazság az, hogy voltak különféle NFL playoff pletykák és az embereknek elég komoly nehézséget okoz, hogy meghatározzák, mi az igazság. A fogadóknak meg kell tanulniuk azonosítani az igazságot, ugyanis néhány hír rossz döntésekhez vezethet. Hiteles NFL playoff forrásokra támaszkodni, beleértve az online sportfogadas szakértőket segíteni fog, amikor fogadásokat kötünk.” One of the NFL fake news stories has been about the postponement of the events due to the COVID-19 surge and boycotts by key people such as Aaron Rodgers over the COVID -19 rules.

Divisional NFL playoffs

As we draw closer to the big day, everything is becoming clear giving no room for rumors and fake news. The NFL wild-card round is behind us and eight teams are left in the field to hunt for the most coveted title in American football. The Rams proceeded to a playoff on Monday when they played their final game while the Cardinals were sent home. Favorites have had a good season with only the Cowboys being the only division champion to fall in the playoffs after a narrow defeat by the 49ers. With NFL action this weekend, the remaining teams will be back where: 

Titans are bac after resting in the wild card round. This time their star Derrick Henry is playing, he has missed most of the season’s matches due to injury. He will be up to a tough rushing Cincinnati defense and look to slow down Burrow and the dynamic wide receivers of the Bengals. 

It is confirmed that Aaron Rodgers will be in action contrary to rumors of boycotts. 

The question that many are asking is whether this time, Rodgers will beat San Francisco in the playoffs having been unsuccessful in the previous attempts. Will it be the packers reaching the NFC championship for the third year or will San Francisco dim their hopes of the title? These are questions that will be answered in a matter of weeks.

NFL conference championships will be held on Sunday, January 30th giving way to the super bowl which is scheduled for Sunday, February 13 at SoFi Stadium Inglewood California. 

With the NFL playoffs matches being clear, now fans and betting enthusiasts can prepare for the action. It will be interesting to see who carries the day in each stage as well as who takes the title this year.

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