Antonio Brown Says There’s ‘Nothing Wrong’ With His Mental Health

Aug 18, 2021; Tampa, FL USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) talks with Antonio Brown (81) during NFL training camp.


Antonio Brown’s viral exit from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was one of the wildest moments in recent NFL history. Seeing a player toss his gloves and pads into the stands before prancing out of the stadium is not something we are accustomed to seeing, so people immediately began speculating about what went wrong.

Of course, people chalked this up to the latest antics from Brown throughout his eventful career, while other expressed their concerns for his mental health and well-being.

Well, according to Brown, it had nothing to do with the latter.

Brown sat down for the upcoming episode of the I Am Athlete podcast and said that there is nothing wrong with his mental health.

“Why every time something happens bad, or how someone reacts, ‘Aw, he’s crazy, there’s something wrong with his mental health,’” Brown says in the episode, via “There’s nothing wrong with my mental health. Someone told me to get the f–k out of here. I’m not passive-aggressive.

“An NFL Super Bowl team coach told a guy on the team who’s playing hurt ‘get the f*** out of here.'”

Brown has said before that Bruce Arians tried to get him to play hurt and that he was not healthy enough to go. Ultimately, we all saw how their sideline confrontation ended.

As for Brown, he said he hopes to sign with an NFL team in the future, but the chances of that happening don’t seem too great.

The full episode of the I Am Athlete podcast drops on Monday.

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