A McDonald’s Fry Shortage Hit Japan (Don’t Show Them The Potato Bowl Celebration)

Bangkok, Thailand Jan 25 : Mc Donald's French Fries Save 50%


British Columbia experienced record-breaking flooding last night, and that has led to a shortage of McDonald’s french fries making their way to Japan. Because Japan buys most of its potatoes from North America, they make their way through ports in Vancouver, Canada.

The flooding has blocked shipments and made it difficult for the spuds to ship across the ocean.

That means McDonald’s customers in Japan definitely aren’t lovin’ it.

“While it is difficult to procure raw materials in a stable manner, we have cooperated with importers and suppliers to proactively take alternative measures such as arranging airmail,” McDonald’s Japan CEO Tamotsu Hiiro said in a press release.

I don’t even know how you could fully enjoy a meal at McDonald’s without having their iconic fries, so it’s getting even harder out there on the streets.

And while people in Japan are suffering through the fry shortage at McD’s, Americans are casually giving college football coaches “french fry showers” after winning bowl games — just ask Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl, who enjoyed the starching shower after the Cowboys beat Kent State in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

Life isn’t fair sometimes.

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