Cleveland Guardians Fans Hilariously Think Team’s Festivus Post Is ‘Too Woke’



A lot of Cleveland Guardians fans have apparently never watched any Seinfeld, because they are missing the joke on one of the show’s most iconic episodes.

Today is December 23, also known as Christmas Eve Eve, but also more commonly known as Festivus. The holiday was created on Seinfeld and has found its way into pop culture ever since as we approach the holiday.

Naturally, the Guardians wished everyone a “Happy Festivus” on social media but the message did not go over well.

Now, I understand Facebook has an older audience and everyone is obsessed with “wokeness” and being “too woke” these days, but the reaction was unintentionally hilarious. As it turned out, a number of Guardians fans were upset with the team and said they were done supporting them because the team was being “woke” and trying to replace Christmas.

Some of the grievances they aired included:

“And this is why I’m out as a Cleveland baseball fan… go woke I hope you go broke… tribe live on with some of us!”

“No longer a fan of this woke team. Won’t be watching.”

“Call me what you want; but this ‘woke’ culture has gotten out of hand and I can see weak spineless Jellyfish like the Dolans do something like this as to not cause any speculation or hurt feelings amongst the ‘woke’ cretans of the world!”

God bless the internet.

And happy Festivus, everyone!

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