Desmond Howard Rips Ohio State O-Line At Heisman Ceremony (VIDEO)


Desmond Howard has issued an apology for remarks made during the Heisman Trophy ceremony on Saturday night.

While Howard was speaking with Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson, Hutchinson made a comment about beating Ohio State to win the Big Ten Championship. Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud was standing close by, which led to a well-timed quip from Howard at the expense of the Buckeyes offensive line.

“Kenny [Pickett] I’m glad you’re in between them,” Tim Tebow jumped said after Hutchinson’s comment. Howard quickly said, “better than his offensive line.”

Of course, some people decided to huff and puff with fake outrage over the comments from people involved in one of the most heated rivalries in sports.

After the backlash started, Howard released an “apology” for his comments.

“I would like to apologize … to everyone who doesn’t have the ability to recognize a fun, good natured ribbing among football rivals. C.J. is good. We good. And that’s all that matters to me. Everyone else can relax and enjoy the rest of their night,” Howard tweeted.

As for the Heisman Trophy, it went home with Alabama quarterback Bryce Young.

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