Top 5 Best NFL Thanksgiving Day Performances (VIDEO)


The NFL on Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to stay glued to the TV and avoid family every holiday. Fans have witnessed some great performances on past turkey days, so let’s take a look back while we wait for dinner to be served.

Here are the 5 best performances on Thanksgiving to prepare you for the full slate of holiday games.

5. Stafford and Johnson Feast On Eagles Defense

The Detroit Lions have been a part of many ugly losses on Thanksgiving day. However, the Lions have also had their moments on the big day. In 2015 Matthew Stafford and Hall of Fame wide receiver Calvin Johnson connected for three touchdowns in a drubbing of the Philidelphia Eagles.

Lions fans should relive the good times before a dreadful matchup with Chicago on Thursday.

4. The Tony Romo Era Is Born

In 2006, the NFL witnessed the birth of the Tony Romo era in Dallas.

Romo torched the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense in just his fifth start. In the game, Romo tossed five touchdowns while wearing some of the greatest Thanksgiving throwback jerseys in the league’s history.

3. The GOAT Feasts On The Lions

Speaking of great throwbacks on Thanksgiving, the Patriots rocked one of the best looks in Thanksgiving history as Tom Brady carved the Lions defense in a 45-24 blowout victory. Brady tossed for 341 yds and found the endzone on four separate occasions.

This won’t be the last time the Lions make this list on the wrong side of history.

2. The Juice Is Loose

OJ Simpson killed the Lions defense on Thanksgiving in 1976. Even though the Bills took home the loss, Simpson was the star of the game, rushing for 273 yds. in the contest.

This performance is overlooked for obvious reasons, but still an incredible performance for Simpson on that day.

1. The Sherriff Dominates In Detroit

The greatest performance in Thanksgiving history belongs to Peyton Manning. Yes, you guessed it, this performance happened against the pesky Detroit Lions as Manning had a day that may never be replicated on Thanksgiving.

Manning tossed 6 touchdowns and managed to only throw 5 incompletions in the entire game. A forgetful day in Lions history.

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