Ranking The New USFL Logos From Worst To First (PHOTOS)

The USFL has announced its return, and on Monday, gifted fans with the logos and colors of all eight teams. The league is expected to kick off in April. Each team’s design and color combinations look great, but there can only be one top logo for the USFL.

Here are our complete rankings for the nest logos in the USFL.

#8 Michigan Panthers

The state of Michigan deserves a good football team. Unfortunately, if the Michigan Panthers are good, they will look bad doing it. The clash of colors and the generic nickname of Panthers isn’t the winning combination this organization was looking for.

#7 Philadelphia Stars

This look could grow on the fan base, but for now, it will rank just slightly above the Panthers of Michigan. If the Stars had a more patriotic color scheme, this look would fly up the charts for new fans looking for a USFL squad to cheer on in April.

#6 New Jersey Generals

Now the decisions on which team to rank where are becoming more complex. The New Jersey Generals got the message of matching a patriotic logo with patriotic colors. The Generals give me strong vibes of Shane Falco leading the Washington Sentinels to battle in The Replacements. That can only be described as a good thing.

#5 Birmingham Stallions

While it is still early, the Birmingham Stallions seem to be the best Twitter page of all the USFL organizations so far. The Stallions continue to have a great feel of who they are, and the organization easily has one of the top three best nicknames in the entire league.

#4 Houston Gamblers

This was a tough decision, but the Houston Gamblers came in at number four. The Gamblers have a perfect look and give a definite vibe to the Texas Tech program with this color scheme. The Gamblers nickname is a great one. That would make the late Kenny Rogers proud to be a fan.

#3 New Orleans Breakers

Does anyone know what a Breaker is? Either way, this logo and color scheme is top-notch for the New Orleans organization. New Orleans professional sports have a long history of exotic nicknames with the Pelicans in the NBA and the unforgettable Vodoo of the Arena Football League. The Breakers will now be a part of that legendary history.

#2 Tampa Bay Bandits

Number one and number two on this list could easily be a toss-up. If anyone disagrees with the Bandits ranking on this list, I can’t fault them. Tampa Bay will be one of the best-looking organizations in the USFL this April, with an incredible logo to go along with them.

#1 Pittsburgh Maulers

Creating this list was extremely difficult. After much deliberation and losing out on a lof sleep, the Pittsburgh Maulers take home the best look in the USFL. How could they not? A logo that celebrates the hard-working people of the Steel City, and a color combination that would make any fan proud. The Maulers will be looking to drop the hammer on any foe that stands in their way.


USFL Unveils 8 Cities, Team Nicknames & Logos Ahead Of April 2022 Launch
USFL Unveils 8 Cities, Team Nicknames & Logos Ahead Of April 2022 Launch
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