Deion Sanders Addresses TCU Head Coaching Rumors

deion sanders


Deion Sanders has been generating interest from Division I programs after finding success at Jackson State. Most notably, there has been public interest from TCU regarding its head coaching vacancy.

Sanders is returning from a three-game absence after recovering from foot surgery and during his time in front of the media he took time to address the ongoing speculation.

“Well, TCU is not the only one interested in my services,” Sanders said, per Football Scoop. “[Jackson State AD] Ashley Robinson is interested in my services and finishing out what I started.

“Never believe rumors, especially when I’ve been in the hospital dern-near a month. Never just go out there and believe what you hear. But trust me, TCU and several others are not the only ones interested in what we do here at Jackson State. They’re trying to figure out the formula. There ain’t no formula, man; it’s loving on these kids, challenging these kids, holding these kids accountable. Making sure they maintain themselves to be smart, tough, fast and disciplined. That’s the secret. Not everyone has this recipe.”

Jackson State is currently 9-1 overall and undefeated in SWAC play.

As long as he continues to find success with the Tigers, you can expect to see more programs attempting to lure Primetime to Division I.

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