Deshaun Watson Waives No-Trade Clause For One Team


Rumors have been ramped since last week that the Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans have been in talks with a deal involving Deshaun Watson. Now it has been reported that Watson is open to a move to Miami.

More news came earlier this week from Roger Goodell that Watson will not be suspended for his off-the-field legal issues for the time being.

Other teams rumored to have been in the Watsons sweepstakes are now taking their names out of the running. The Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles have both removed their names from the running.

With the news of Watson only wanting to be moved to Miami, it makes sense for the other teams to pull out of any possible deal.

While the Dolphins are also interested in making this move, reports are coming that the deal isn’t good enough for the Texans to accept. Miami is standing firm in their deal and is not bending on what they have to offer. The Texans will want a king’s ransom for their Pro-Bowl QB, but the dark clouds that hang over Watson’s future have the Dolphins a little nervous about adding more to the deal. This deal will be a focal point of the trade deadline.

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