The Houston Astros Have Been Accused Of Cheating… Again

Jose Altuve second basemen for the Houston Astros at Chase Field in Phoenix,AZ USA May 6,2018.


The Houston Astros took a 3-1 lead in the ALCS on Wednesday night, but that isn’t the only headline from the game. Get this; the Houston Astros have been accused of cheating again. Now that the shock of hearing that news has finally hit, is the claim worth the headline?

Many speculate that the Astros dugout can be heard whistling at the beginning of this video before Altuve sent a ball over the green monster. While it could be an over-examination of baseball fans not wanting to see the Astros have success, the claims seem to be legit. This isn’t the first time the Astros have made headlines by whistling from the dugout.

This same claim was made in 2019 when the Astros played the Yankees in the ALCS. The MLB confirmed the whistling from the Yankees complaint but could not find evidence that the whistling came from the Astros dugout. The real question is, why should a team quit cheating when there’s no real punishment for the infraction?

The Astros will look to punch their ticket to the World Series Friday night. With redemption so close for the organization, another claim of cheating is not what the Astros needed. If facts come out of the Astros cheating again, I wonder if they’ll care when they celebrate another title with no suspensions?

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