Racehorse Bucks Rider, Escapes Track & Sprints Down Kentucky Highway

There was a different kind of Kentucky Derby and horsepower on the highway over the weekend, when a racehorse bucked its rider and escaped the race track property.

According to the New York Post, the horse named Bold and Bossy escaped Ellis Park after throwing jockey Miguel Mena. After leaving the property, the horse continued its joyride and ended up on Kentucky highways U.S. 41 and I-69.

Once the horse broke free and was spotted on the highway, witnesses were able to come together to help track down the horse.

The horse was galloping down the highway in its race bib, saddle, and vision-restricting blinders. Bold and Bossy lost two of its shoes during the little getaway and suffered from dehydration cramps.

“Horse running at me full speed on I-69 today. No idea how it started or ended. Odd times we live in,” the Facebook user who shared the video wrote.

Owner and trainer Michael Ann Ewing added: “Thank God for all the people who jumped in to go find her, because she left town.”

That’s a ride Bold and Bossy and everyone involved will never forget.

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