Gisele Bundchen Joins DraftKings As Special Advisor To CEO

BERLIN - APRIL 29 : Top Model Gisele Buendchen smiles while presenting a new series of shoes named "G2B" at Hotel Adlonin April 29, 2009 in Berlin.


Gisele Bündchen is joining DraftKings.

This week, the daily fantasy sports leader announced that the former Victoria’s Secret model turned environmental activist and philanthropist will be joining the company in a special advisory role.

She joins DraftKings as a special advisor to the company’s CEO and board of directors for environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) initiatives.

“I look forward to working with the DraftKings board of directors in continuing to find ways to make the most positive impacts through meaningful social and environmental initiatives,” Bündchen said in a statement

“It is very important for successful corporations to make the necessary shifts in ESG initiatives to truly make a difference on a global level. In today’s world, in my opinion, it isn’t enough for companies to just be successful financially. Companies have to be successful in ALL areas, including social impact and sustainability initiatives that impact the future for all of us around the world.”

In collaboration with Bündchen, DraftKings has set a goal of planting 1 million trees by Earth Day 2022. As an initial step, DraftKings has launched several opportunities for customers to directly support the effort, including through charity daily fantasy sports contests and free to-play pools

Bündchen’s status as special advisor to DraftKings’ CEO and board of directors for ESG initiatives is effective immediately.

“Gisele Bündchen is a global icon who has utilized the platform she established in modeling, fashion, and entertainment, to lead and advocate for vital environmental and social causes,” said Jason Robins, co founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of DraftKings.

“I believe that the strategic counsel and unique global perspective that Gisele brings to me and the board will be indispensable and, as evidenced by our Earth Day campaign, her impact will be immediate and far-reaching.”

In coordination with the Arbor Day Foundation, DraftKings has pledged to plant the first 100,000 trees in several U.S. states, including California, Florida, Michigan, Oregon, Vermont and Virginia.

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