SE Louisiana Student Charged With Stabbing Her Date In Dorm Room

Hammond. Louisiana. USA


Elizabeth Grace Johnson, an 18-year-old student at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana, has been arrested and charged after stabbing her date in her dorm room.

According to WAFB, Johnson was in her dorm room with Draven Upchurch, an LSU student, when police were called about a disturbance.

When they responded, they discovered Upchurch unresponsive with multiple stab wounds and blood everywhere. He was taken to the local hospital and underwent surgery. He is listed in critical condition.

Johnson was charged with aggravated battery.

Upchurch’s mother, Angie Autin-Fasullo, shared the horrific details of the incident and injuries he suffered in a post on Facebook.

“I am ready to bring everyone out of the dark on Draven’s incident. I refuse to use the word accident because what happened was not an accident,” she wrote.

“Draven was stabbed multiple times (8) in a residential area in Hammond. Five making contact with vital organs: lungs, stomach and colon. Yes he is well acquainted with the person responsible and yes that individual was arrested.”

Upchurch lost so much blood that the family continues to ask for blood donations.

“His doctors tell us he is not out of the woods yet despite some amazing improvement. These are the reasons we continue to ask for blood donations,” she added.

Johnson has been placed on suspension by the university.

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