3 Reasons Why Office 365 GCC High is More Costly

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Several corporations and IT administrators in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) are trying to explore the advantages of migrating to Microsoft GCC High or also known as Office 365 GCC High and in the process have many issues about licensing. One of the basic problems arising in initially exploring communications is around cost. GCC High is surely more costly than other variants of the platform, but there are general misunderstandings about why.

3 Reasons why Office 365 GCC High is more costly:

  1. Enhanced Security

As you would assume, it costs Microsoft more funds to manage data centers that have greater levels of security. Companies opt for a cloud strategy because measures of resiliency for on-premises systems can be expensive. Microsoft takes the burden of those expenses for GCC High users (SaaS and PaaS).

  1. Added Licensing

The second reason is more of a delusion than a reason. Often businesses move to GCC High or even in case to Migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online for protection and compliance purposes. These protection and compliance purposes also need supplementary products and features that are not covered in low-priced license standards. An Exchange Online Plan 1 or Office 365 E1 license will not satisfy all the necessities.

Hence, part of the intensified expense is coming from the requirement for extra features just like the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) suite licenses. More ability usually implies more expenses. To reach the protection and compliance demands, you just require more of the primary Microsoft security products or a few other third-party tools that need integration.

  1. Enhanced Compliance

To reach ITAR and other export-controlled data demands, Microsoft has spent massively to guarantee all elements of GCC High are US-based. All data residency is inside the continental US, and all Microsoft employees staffed for these kinds of data centers are US persons and pass rigorous background checks. Some of the costs linked with holding up physically and logically separated structures are possibly linked with license expenses. It also supports Windows 10 Virtual Desktop which can increase productivity.

Also, DFARS 7012 and different federal regulations need businesses to give full reporting abilities in the event of a security breach or cyberattacks. Microsoft maintains this element in GCC High exclusively. This SLA and liability come at a cost to several cloud providers.

CMMC also additionally authenticates the requirement for cloud vendors to reach the same kinds of demands as government contractors. Microsoft already reaches the conditions observed in NIST 800–171 and 800–53 in how it manages customer data and information.

One final thing that has been usually misunderstood is when receiving your primary GCC High quotation, the costing will reflect annual payments, unlike the monthly model you may know in professional Office 365/Microsoft 365.

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