Fact About Ronda Rousey’s Great Grandfather Has The Internet Cracking Jokes

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 31 JULY 2015, The fighter Ronda Rousey during weighing UFC 190


Ronda Rousey is used to the spotlight. The former UFC and WWE champion has always been in the headlines, but now she is a top trend on Twitter for a very surprising reason.

Rousey is trending not for any news regarding her future in the cage, ring, or on the movie screen.

Instead, she’s trending because of a fun fact about her great grandfather.

As it turns out, Trinidad-born Canadian Dr. Alfred E. Waddell was one of the first Black physicians in North America. He began practicing medicine at age 26 after immigrating to Halifax, Canada.

It’s a pretty impressive resume for Dr. Waddell, but because this is the internet the jokes and memes came flying in.

You can check out some of the best and funniest reaction to the revelation about Rousey’s great grandfather being one of the first Black men to practice medicine in North America below.

The internet remains undefeated.

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