Important Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door



Your garage door is among the most important moving components in your home. It is also used many times per day, at all hours, and throughout every season. It is vital to do routine maintenance and preventive care. It is to ensure your garage door keeps on working efficiently for a long time ahead. Below are the things that all homeowners can do for garage door maintenance:

Check the Balance of your Garage Door
In case your garage door is not properly balanced, the opener of your garage door will be strained and will have to work double-time. Which will make your door not last as long. After detaching the opener by pulling the release handle, a red cord, usually by hand, moves the door up midway. If it does not stay put, the springs are not properly balanced. Adjustments of garage door spring are best left to the experts at garage door repair Cypress TX. When you attempt to change this on your own, you are at risk of serious injury or even death.

Check the Auto-Reverse Safety Features
There are two reverse systems in garage door openers. There is the mechanical if your garage door is of an older version. There are also photo eyes. To examine the mechanical feature, put a small piece of wood on the ground in the garage door path. When the door comes in contact with the placed object, it has to reverse automatically. To examine the photo eyes containing a beam of light at each side, you need to close your door and pass your leg under the path of the door. The door should reverse too. If your garage door opener is older than 20 years, it may not have these basic safety and security features. Therefore, you should get a new garage door opener. 

Be Observant and Pay Close Attention
It is important to check your garage door thoroughly while locating the source of the problem. You need to confirm whether or not it is moving smoothly or catching in spots. Whether it close quietly, make scuffing or grinding noises. Also, check if the springs, cables, and pulleys look aligned and straight. After identifying where the problem is, it will help you determine if you have to hire a garage door expert for the garage door repair.

Lubricate the Moving Components
When you keep your garage door components well oiled, your system will help your system add years without over oiling. It is even better because it only takes few minutes a year to do the greasing. Use grease on the opener’s screw. You can also use a spray lubricant for coating the overhead springs. Do not grease your garage door screws when the wind is blowing around the dust; dirt will adhere to it, triggering its breakdown, making it run improperly.

Examine and Change the Rollers
Whether the rollers are steel, plastic, or nylon, they have to be evaluated twice a year and replaced after ten years. If your garage door is used more frequently, it will require to be replaced sooner. Any chipped, split, or damaged rollers have to be replaced immediately. You can achieve this by removing and reinstalling any roller brackets that aren’t well attached to the cable system.

Check Your Garage Door
Don’t forget to check the door itself. Doors made of wood will undoubtedly need a close check for water damage as well as warping. Besides, check for cracking or peeling off paint. Steel doors could be having rust spots that require repainting, sanding, as well as priming. Occasionally wash outside of your garage door by using a mild all-purpose cleaner. You can maintain this by washing your car in the driveway.

Check and Tighten Up the Hardware
An average garage door usually moves up and down over a thousand plus times a year. That is a lot of usages, which can make the hardware loosen up. Check and tighten up all roller brackets and screws with an outlet wrench. Ensure you look at the joints as well and tighten them once or twice times a year.
Your garage door typically add-up to a third of the exterior of your residence. Therefore, ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance will assist with your overall curb appeal. If you do not have the time to do an examination, contact garage door repair Cypress TX to arrange for a tune-up. They will help make your garage door functioning perfectly. 

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