LaVar Ball Is Back With Some Big Baller Brand Hot Sauce (VIDEO)

Prienai/Lithuania - 01292018: LaVar Ball answers journalists questions.


LaVar Ball is back with his latest product.

Admittedly we haven’t been paying much attention to LaVar lately, but a recent video from Swish Daily shows the Big Baller Brand patriarch enthusiastically showing off his own hot sauce while dishing out some tacos to the family.

A profile ran this month by the Los Angeles Times also mentions his hot sauce, so we ran over to the Big Baller Brand website to see if it actually existed.

As it turns out, you can actually buy the sauce for $15.

Dubbed the “Stay In Yo Lane Hot Sauce,” the sauce promises to “turn any dish into a delicious masterpiece. We’ve meticulously crafted a flavor for elegant dining experiences. Stay In Yo Lane if you can’t handle the flavor.”

You have to respect LaVar for always hustling.

But just how good is the Triple B sauce? We’ll have to order some and find out for ourselves, but in the meantime, you can check out one of the greatest hype men of our time showing off his product and urging you to buy.

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