Who Are The Biggest Basketball Teams In The NBA Right Now?

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Do you consider yourself a big basketball fan? If you typically find yourself watching the latest NBA matches or even catching your local college game, you probably already know who the biggest teams and players are in the sport right now.

If not, however, you are in luck as we are going to look at some of the biggest teams so that you know who to watch in 2021. Read on to hear if your favorite team made our list!

Brooklyn Nets

The first team on our list is arguably the biggest team in the USA right now. The Brooklyn Nets are well known for their impressive line-up which includes Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden. These players lead the team, even when they aren’t playing at the same time and this shows that the Nets are here to stay at the top. Recently, they have been bagging some big games so make sure to check them out.

Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay

Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz is one of the lesser-known teams around the world but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t huge in the USA basketball scene right now. Utah Jazz are one of only two teams that have a top-10 defensive and offensive rating. Additionally, they have been working hard recently and have only lost a handful of games, allowing them to be high up on our list.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers brand is huge around the world and in the NBA, they are considered one of the biggest teams. For anyone who pays close attention to basketball online betting, you’ll see that while the odds for the Lakers have dropped slightly over the course of recent games, they are still doing pretty well. It won’t be long before Anthony Davis really improves this team’s position. 

Los Angeles Clippers

Another team hailing from Los Angeles is the Clippers who are pretty huge right now in the NBA. This team has managed to win a few games recently and have beaten some big names to drive themselves up the leaderboards. Many are putting this down to some of their biggest players who include Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Philadelphia 76ers

Next on our list of the biggest teams in the NBA right now are the Philadelphia 76ers. This team has some impressive players including Joel Embiid although he hasn’t been on the court in a few recent losses. Embiid is well-known for his signature performance against the Chicago Bulls and this is for a good reason.

Phoenix Suns

Finally, we have the Phoenix Suns who have been winning quite a few of their games recently. They did lose against the Brooklyn Nets but there is still time for them to prove themselves against some of the biggest teams.

We have only covered some of the biggest teams in the NBA right now and with plenty of matches to go this season, there is a lot of action to come. Make sure to keep an eye on these teams and their players to see what will happen next.


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