Baylor vs Gonzaga: Best Bet to win it all

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The Gonzaga Bulldogs and the Baylor Bears are the best teams in the country by a wide margin, and every single ranking, prediction and media outlet has them as the top two candidates to win it all in this year’s NCAA Tournament. Both teams have done enough to believe they can go all the way, but — which teams should be considered as the ultimate, top candidate to become the 2020-21 NCAA champion?

Let’s make a case for both Gonzaga and Baylor to believe why they can go all the way once the NCAA Tournament begins. Before the Big Dance starts you can also check out BetQL’s college basketball picks to see which way the experts are leaning for every game of the tournament. 

The case for Gonzaga

The Bulldogs are the only undefeated team in the country (15-0 Conf, 24-0 overall) and have been extremely dominant on both ends of the court, though their biggest strength lies on the offensive side of the ball since they are the best team in the country when it comes to points per game (92.9) and they’re also second in assists per game (18.7) — they only trail Iowa in that department. Gonzaga’s dominance has also been noticeably by coaches and experts alike, as they’re ranked as the #1 team in the country in both lists. It’s hard to find an area where the Bulldogs are not at least above average, and while their defense isn’t nearly as good as their offense, it’s still a strength for the Bulldogs. They are the 22nd-best team in the country in steals per game (nearly 8.6 per game). No team in the country has even sniffed victory against the Bulldogs all year long and their closest win was a five-point victory against West Virginia on Dec. 2 — they were the only team to lose against Gonzaga by less than 10 points.

The case for Baylor

The Bears are at the top of the Big 12 standings with a 13-1 conference record and a 21-1 overall record — their lone defeat came against another ranked team, Kentucky, by a 71-58 score on Feb. 27, meaning Baylor won 18 straight games before dropping its first contest. They still clinched their first Conference title since 1950 and did it on the heels of a strong offensive output on a nightly basis, as Baylor finished the regular season as the fourth-best scoring team in the country with 85.2 points per game while also ending as the 12th-best in terms of assists per game (17.4), sitting below Gonzaga in both categories, though. Baylor has only allowed 65.2 points per game, though, and they can still get it done defensively when they have to. The Bears won every game but two by at least 10 points, and it must be said their loss against Kentucky came following a stretch where they dealt with a COVID-19 outbreak as well, meaning they could’ve easily gone undefeated as well had they been on their best form, both physically and mentally.

Which team is the best bet to win it all?

If there’s one team that can defeat Baylor, that’s Gonzaga. However, it remains to be seen whether the Bears can hang on with the Bulldogs’ offensive juggernaut for an entire 40-minute period. Baylor might have a shot at topping Gonzaga if they meet each other in the final stages of the Final Four, but the Bulldogs are still the better and should be considered as the biggest favorite to win it all.

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