How Gambling Affects Family and Relationships?


Do you, your partner, your children, or in fact, any member of your family feel that you are ruining your relationship or friendship with any of those? If yes, then you need to read the following few paragraphs right now. Let’s sort things out together before it is too late.

Addicts often think that their addictions are only going to ruin their lives, and hence they feel okay but what they don’t realize is that their addictions are enough to ruin the lives of their friends, intimate partners, families, and even their children. The thinking and the behavior of gambling addicts often result in their whole families to keep suffering.

All kinds of gambling tend to ruin all kinds of relationships. 

While going to an actual casino is like a getaway and can include a lot of drinking. Online casinos like Gclub are a bit better choice as they don’t involve alcohol. Well, gambling problems affect relationships with friends and co-workers as well, but let’s focus on its effects on people that the addict is closest to- the family.

How Gambling Affects Family?

People with gambling problems not only make things worse for their intimate partners and children but their complete families and future generations too. Keep on reading to know about these problems and their effects on family members and intimate partners. 

Two things are very commonly found in families that have members with gambling problems.

  1. High levels of conflicts and anger, and
  2. Low levels of clear and effective communication.

Other than these two things, lack of commitment, support, independence, engagement in cultural, social, recreational, and intellectual activities can also be seen in such families.

Not many people believe this, but researchers, intellectuals, and experts often claim, that the problems that families with members who are addicted to gambling face are comparable and sometimes much higher than problems that families with members who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Many young people tend to visit Joker and play slot games there.

Some Important Facts

Let’s talk about how gambling affects intimate relationships and future generations.

Intimate Relationships: Robert Custer and Harry Milt in their book, “When Luck Runs Out: 

Help for Compulsive Gamblers and Their Families” divided the effects into three distinct phases:


  1. Denial
  2. Stress
  3. Exhaustion

Effects from all the three phases in the ending can lead to severe effects that are helplessness, hopelessness, mental breakdown, substance abuse, loss of trust, divorce, separation, suicidal thoughts, and even suicidal attempts. Many people die and leave their families behind to be under depth for the rest of their lives.

The most severe effect of gambling problems on these relationships is intimate partner violence. In 2002, the World Health Organization defined intimate partner violence as any behavior within an intimate relationship that causes physical, psychological, or sexual harm to those in that relationship. These include sexual abuse, physical abuse, and even emotional abuse.

Intimate partners of people with gambling problems or addictions often go through 

  • Emotional disturbances like anger, resentment, depression and anxiety
  • Physical complaints like headaches, gastrointestinal ailments, and hypertension
  • Behavioral difficulties like excessive drinking, smoking, over/under-eating, and impulsive spending

Children, grandchildren, and the upcoming generations: Studies and researches reveal that in a family that even if one of the parents or a sibling is into gambling, then the chances of the child to experience gambling problems at some point in their life are likely to be 2 to 10 than children that do not have parents or sibling with gambling interests or problems. To prevent children from harmful consequences of gambling you can restrict access to harmful websites with parental control function available in any modern antivirus

Children of people with gambling problems or addictions often go through 

  • Emotional Disturbances like depression, hopelessness, anxiety, confusion, and guilt
  • Physical Complaints like asthma, allergies, and chronic headaches
  • Behavioral Difficulties like running away, alcohol and tobacco abuse, over-eating, lower academic/employment performance, and some other illegal activities

The main reason behind this is exposure to a range of family stressors like rejection, abuse, isolation, but most importantly, financial crisis and the absence of a good role model at a very young and tender age. 

Final Verdict

Gambling problems not only tend to ruin your relationships with your intimate partners but family members, children, and other future generations as well.

Jack Gallaher is the founder of Play Pulse, a place where players from all over the world can find the best online casinos Internet can offer. He enjoys creating game guides and sharing his strategies with the community and friends. Prior to founding Play Pulse Jack worked as a community manager on a famous gambling portal.

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