JJ Watt’s Peloton Bio Lists Finalists For Next NFL Team?

Seabrook, TX, US - Nov 05, 2017: VW with Houston Texans JJ Watt theme on display at the WOLFSBURG EDITION 5 car show at Clear Lake Park in Seabrook Texas.


UPDATE: So much for Peloton… JJ Watt has made his free agency decision and it was not one of the three teams listed on his alleged Peloton bio.

Instead, the star defensive end took to social media to confirm he has signed with the Arizona Cardinals.

JJ Watt is having fun with his free agency decision.

After parting ways with the Houston Texans, the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year has people wondering where he will sign next and now we appear to have a clue thanks to his… Peloton profile?

That’s right, a photo of Watt’s Peloton bio surfaced on social media that lists three NFL teams.

If it is any indication of where Watt will be signing, the three finalists are the Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns, and Buffalo Bills.

Watt has been posting cryptic tweets that many fans believe are hints at where he will land, but now we have our firmest clues to date.

So congratulations, Packers, Browns, and Bills fans. It looks like you could be landing one of the best defensive players in recent NFL history. Sorry, Pittsburgh Steelers fans, it looks like you are out of the running.

Where do you think Watt should sign for the next chapter of his career? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and predictions.

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