Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Odds After Carson Wentz Trade

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The Indianapolis Colts traded for quarterback Carson Wentz on Thursday, sending two draft picks to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Immediately following the trade, the oddsmakers got to work and adjusted the betting lines accordingly.

Unfortunately for the Colts, the addition of Wentz does not impact their odds.

“The Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl odds remain unchanged despite the long assumed acquisition of Carson Wentz. Wentz’s play last year was subpar, to be kind, and despite his supposed excellent rapport with Frank Reich, there are no guarantees he will return to the level of play he showed before the 2020 NFL Season,” Adam Burns, SportsBook Manager, said.

“We had the Colts at 25/1 and the Eagles at 50/1 to win the Super Bowl this morning, and this trade did nothing to change those odds. We have yet to see an influx of Colts money due to this trade and I’m sure the gamblers will want to see how Wentz performs before laying significant capital on the Colts to win the Super Bowl.”

But how well will he do in Indianapolis and what’s next for the Eagles under center?

A full look at the updated Colts betting odds and whether the Eagles will draft a quarterback to add depth behind Hurts can be seen below, via

Carson Wentz Total Passing Yards 2021 Regular Season

Over/Under                               4000

Carson Wentz Total TD Passes 2021 Regular Season

Over/Under                               23½ TD

Carson Wentz Total Interceptions 2021 Regular Season

Over/Under                               11½

Jalen Hurts Total Starts 2021 Regular Season

Over/Under                               12½

Will the Eagles Draft a QB 6th Overall?

Yes      +350     (7/2)

No        -600     (1/6)

Note: Must draft 6th for action.

Eagles Trade Carson Wentz To Colts For 2 Draft Picks
Eagles Trade Carson Wentz To Colts For 2 Draft Picks
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