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Victorian style


The English style of the interior has evolved over three centuries. It spans four generations of English monarchs: Queen Anne, Kings George I and George II, and Queen Victoria.

The era of Queen Anne is the era of the Baroque. Luxury and grandeur. The abundance of ornamentation, gilding, ornate furniture. This is the style of palaces and residences.

George I and George II were German in origin. George I didn’t even speak English. It was they who brought to England what we now call true English style: practicality, toughness, and restraint. Their era is the era of rococo and classicism.

The century of Queen Victoria was the century of the Victorian style. This eclectic style combined Gothic, Baroque, and Rococo with the colonial style. The development of machine production made it accessible to the middle class.

In the end, everything came to what we now call the ethnic English style. Practicality and comfort, restraint, and consistency.

Features of the English interior

The basic concept of the English style is an ideal life in an ideal home. Everything that surrounds a person should be comfortable and practical, but at the same time solid.

In the understanding of the British, this means:

– an abundance of wood (red, walnut and oak), richly but restrainedly decorated;

– upholstered furniture: armchairs, poufs, sofas with rounded shapes;

– traditional patterns: stripes, paisley and flowers;

– colonial motives;

– and, of course, a fireplace

For who English style is perfect?

English style – the style of a family and a cozy nest. It is reliable, durable, and calm.

This style carefully preserves photographs of family members on the mantelpiece, and the family service and a collection of porcelain figurines are hidden behind glass cabinet doors.

A soft armchair by the fireplace and the ringing of a grandfather clock will suit connoisseurs of tradition and noble comfort.

Basic principles of the English style

We have already analyzed examples of the English interior here. Therefore, let’s go through the basic points, without which the English style is unthinkable.

Comfort comes first. The upholstered furniture is arranged so that it is convenient to have a conversation, gathered in the living room.

Bright accents. When the sky is gray and rains outside, the vibrant colors are so pleasant to the eye.

Features of the layout in the English style

English style can be embodied in the apartment. Historically, living rooms in English houses were modest in size to make them easier to warm up in winter.

You can move freely between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. They are delimited by either an arch or a door with glass inserts.

But the bedroom and study are behind a solid wooden door.

Interior colors in the English style

The color palette of the English style contains all shades of noble wood, as well as discreet shades of burgundy, green and beige.

Wall decoration

When decorating walls in the English style, plain wallpaper is often used. A discreet pattern or ornament is allowed. In this case, the wallpaper is selected for the furniture, shades, and patterns will certainly be combined.

Ceiling decoration

The ceilings are plain, light, decorated with stucco.

Floor finishing

The English style means parquet flooring in the living room and bedroom. It can be oak or walnut. It is important that the floor is in harmony with the decor of the room.

The corridor and kitchen can be tiled.

Windows and doors

Doors in English interiors are usually made of wood, often with stained glass inserts. This feature is explained by the fact that large glasses in the old days were expensive.

English style staircase

The staircase is made of wood and decorated with carvings. It will certainly match the wall panels, floors and doors.

Organization of lighting

In the era of George I, the classic English basket chandelier appeared. It has a minimum of bronze and a maximum of glass.

An English living room is unthinkable without elements of the Victorian era – a floor lamp and table lamps.

Correct selection of furniture

The furniture has round and soft shapes. An ottoman for the legs in front of the chair is appropriate.

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All household items are put away in the closet. Only a beautiful set and accessories are visible.

Let’s not forget about the carpet brought from the English colonies.


A red thread running through the entire interior is the memory of England’s colonial past. Exotic birds and plants have their place on the curtains and pillows of the English living room.

Accessories and decor

Classic English decor is paintings and tapestries on the walls, a thousand little things on the mantelpiece, candlesticks and vases.

You probably looked at all these photos and thought that the English interiors are a little old-fashioned. The traditional English house, however, often suffers from this. But it is more comfortable and homely difficult to come up with something. British design is not about impressions and shocking, but about boundless dueness. No wonder Nina Campbell, the guru of British design, says: “The English home is when you can climb onto the sofa with your feet.”

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