WATCH: Donald Trump’s Golf Swing Has Finally Been Caught on Camera

BEDMINSTER, NEW JERSEY - 19 NOVEMBER 2016: President-elect Donald Trump & Vice President-elect Mike Pence met with potential cabinet members at Trump International


Donald Trump often touts his golf game.

According to Trump, he’s an expert golfer and we’ve heard plenty of stories about how he beats pros on the links. Do we believe it? Not really, but Donald Trump wouldn’t be Donald Trump if he didn’t have a habit of stretching the truth.

And now, we can finally see what kind of golfer Trump is for ourselves.

P.J. Cowan, a pro golfer who also serves as a swing coach, took to social media to share a video of the president teeing off at one of his golf courses.

“My man Mr DT,” Cowan wrote in the caption. “Textbook.”

We should remember that Trump is 73 years old, so all things considered the swing isn’t that bad. Could he be a little smoother? Sure, but then the video wouldn’t be as fun to share.

Check it out:

Now, the question is: do you think you could beat Donald Trump on the golf course?

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