7 Tips to Prepare for Admissions Season Beforehand

Preparing for admissions is always terribly stressful. There is so much to do! All those exams, papers, applications, interviews… The only thought of it seems intimidating. 

But if you’re planning to study abroad, get prepared for double trouble. International students have a different curriculum at home and are less acquainted with the admission process is in the country of their choice. So, it takes them much more time to learn all the nuances than if they chose to pursue higher education at home. 

However, all the trouble is usually worth it. So, if you really want to get to your dream university or college, go for it. But start planning all the steps you need to take well in advance. 

To make preparation easier, we’ve put together a list of some useful tips that will help you not to forget about some important things. Read on to find it out. 

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Start Planning ASAP 

Obviously, you need to start making plans early on, while you’re still in high school. First of all, you need to study well to ensure you get high marks. It’s a delusion to think that your grades at school don’t matter – they do, and quite a lot. So, you’ll have to sweat for a couple of years to be able to present excellent exam results. 

Another essential thing to know (particularly, if you want to study in the US) is that there are two Admission Seasons there – the fall and the spring one. To increase your chances of being accepted, it’s better to go for the fall one. Still, every case is individual, so, consider your current situation to make the best choice. 

Start Practicing on Your Admissions Essay Early 

In most colleges and universities, there’s usually such a requirement as an application essay (motivational letter). Some dismiss it as unimportant and don’t pay enough attention to handling this task well. This is a big mistake because that essay really matters. 

So, start practicing to write it early on. Read examples, write drafts, and give it to your teachers to read and comment on it. 

However, if you really want to write an immaculate application essay, opt for finding a professional experienced writer at a special service like essaywriterservice.com or alike. Using such a service doesn’t mean that the essay will be less “yours” but ensures that your ideas, style, and delivery will be polished to perfection. 

Make a List of All the Documents 

Attaining and gathering all the necessary documents is probably the most daunting task of all. Still, there’s no getting away from it. It’s vital that you don’t miss anything out and deliver everything on time. So make a list of all the documents you need to provide, mark the deadlines, and set notifications. 

The list itself may vary depending on the concrete college or university, but here are the documents that are most commonly required:


  • Grades records or transcripts (from high school/college/university you graduated from); 
  • Test results (most commonly, SAT/ACT);
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language (most commonly, TOEFL/IELTS);
  • Motivational letter/application essay/statement of purpose. 

To find out more about the documents required, visit your chosen school’s website or call directly to the admissions office. 

Choose Multiple Colleges/Universities 

It’s natural to want to get your degree from one of the elite universities. However, you should be realistic. There are thousands of students from all over the world applying to such schools which means the competition is fierce. 

It doesn’t mean that you can’t try, but it’s highly important to have a backup plan. Choose some “safe” schools that are less popular and apply to them as well. 

Most students apply to 2-5 schools during one season, and you can also try your luck during another one if you fail. 

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Apply for Scholarships/Financial Aid 

Paying for college is one of the biggest issues of all. So, conduct thorough research and make a list of all the scholarships for students and financial aid options you may be eligible for. Of course, this is a lot of work, but it will save you or your family a lot of money, so use every opportunity that you can. 

When applying for scholarships, don’t forget about the lesser-known ones. Popular scholarships are hard to get, and big graduate and undergraduate schools may be less willing to provide financial aid, especially for international students. 

Prepare for the Interview 

An admissions interview is another milestone in your application process. Simultaneously, it is the one that may seem especially intimidating. 

This interview is usually dreaded even by native English speakers, so, if you’re a non-native, you’ll have to work twice as hard to make an impression. 

Start your preparation process well before the admissions season. Read articles and watch instructional videos to get the general idea of how the interview looks like, and start thinking about your answers to the most common questions and be sure you are not using offensive language. When you’re ready, rehearse your interview with a friend, a family member, or even with your teacher. 

Find a Guidance Counselor

There’s such a person called a guidance counselor in the US, but there’s no-one like that in many other countries. So, if you don’t have a counselor, you’ll probably need to find someone who will serve as one. 

The best way is to ask the teacher you like most and consider competent to be your guidance counselor. Keep in mind that the teachers may not be aware of what their role in the process should be, so be ready to provide all the necessary information. 

Wrapping Up 

Going to college or university requires serious preparation, especially if you’re planning to study abroad. There’s so much you need to take care of before the Admissions Season starts that you can’t afford to waste any time at all. 

So, start making a plan ASAP and follow it thoroughly if you are really keen on the idea, and use our tips above for reference! 

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