4 Casino Games That Are Beginner-Friendly

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Even the lockdowns imposed around Canada, and many other countries for that matter, have not damped our enthusiasm for a good casino game.

Casinos are a wondrous place. Some people are there to try to win money or to take down a big poker game, while others simply want a bit of fun.

Even in the current climate though, people are still able to get their fix of this great form of entertainment by heading online and in fact, more and more new players are wishing to get involved.

These days, everything you can find in a land-based casino bar the atmosphere is available online. Slots, table games, bingo and keno can all be found alongside some great sports betting options but the worry for some is that they simply don’t know what they’re doing.

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Casino Games for Newbies to Try Out

For many of us, casino games and a love of sports are forever linked. Playing games for free is the perfect way to begin, such as free video poker for example, and that could be the ideal start for many looking to get into playing online casinos as a pastime. Let’s look more into the best casino games for beginners.


Many people have a belief that they don’t know how to gamble. The truth is, everyone knows! Gambling in itself takes no skill. If you’re happy to rely on luck, then slots are the game for you.

Slot machine games are still the most popular casino games, around for Canadians, and they are very definitely the most beginner-friendly.

No technique is required, just tap the button and watch the reels spin round. There is no trick to this, a random number generator will decide who wins and who loses. The only decision you have to make is how much you gamble.

Most slots now are also themed, meaning you are getting a little entertainment along the way.


Roulette comes in slightly different forms, but again no skill is required. While some strategies exist which might help reduce your losses or gain you an extra win here and there, essentially it still comes down to bare luck.

Usually, one of the most basic casino tips for beginners is to play roulette and simply bet on your favourite or ‘lucky’ numbers. If the ball lands on your number, you can be paid out at 35:1.


If you are a bit of a card freak and don’t know the casino etiquette, then blackjack is the ideal starter game. It is fun, simple and addictive and there will always be a version of it available for you to try out.

If you go online to play blackjack first, you don’t have to worry about what to do at a casino and you can possibly play for free too until you understand a little more about the rules.

Never fear though, whether you’re dealing with a real croupier or a computer, if you have lost your chips will be swept away and if you’ve won, you’ll be paid out so don’t worry too much about learning any skills or rules.

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Let It Ride

If you are just a tiny bit more advanced and know the basic rules of poker, Let It Ride could be a good introductory casino game.

A variant of poker, Let It Ride is played online now in huge numbers with live dealers who show you the available odds meaning you can work out for yourself what your chances are of winning.


Casino games are for everyone and should never be scary. The popularity of online casinos is growing. In that sphere you can start playing games for free, just to get the hang of things, which we’d recommend you do.

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