LaVar Ball is Still Talking About Playing Michael Jordan 1-on-1

Prienai/Lithuania - 01292018: LaVar Ball answers journalists questions.


We all know that LaVar Ball has made some pretty wild statements during his time in the spotlight promoting his sons.

His most notable comments came when he made the outrageous claim that he would beat NBA legend Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one.

Now that MJ is the new boss of his son LaMelo, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, with the Charlotte Hornets, those comments are returning to the headlines and LaVar is not backing down.

On draft night, detailed the Ball family’s get together and shared a snippet of LaVar’s comments about a potential game of one-on-one with the basketball GOAT.

“Tell MJ: Here we come! Tell MJ we’re coming!” LaVar reportedly said before commenting on a potential one-on-one game. “Hey, if people are willing to pay to see 50-year-old Mike Tyson fight, why not?”

LaVar also seems to be fond of the idea of Jordan helping LaMelo learn the ropes of the NBA.

“Greatness recognizes greatness,” he said. “I always told my boys, ‘Someone has to be better than the best — why not you?'”

While we all know that LaVar would stand no chance against Jordan, it would be pretty great to see the two men finally go head-to-head at some point during LaMelo’s tenure in Charlotte.

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