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What is Joomla, you may ask? It is a content management system with an original open code.

How much is it? You will need to pay nothing to be able to use this CMS. Everything is for free. Absolutely. You can download Joomla without paying for it. You can use it to create a design for your website. Also for free. And you can even sell Joomla. 

Joomla is very easy to use. Its settings are versatile. You can learn how to create different designs while reading a free book or studying the code yourself.

Ease of use and the ability to sell content based on this CMS lead to many great templates’ appearance. You can look at them and create your own design or buy the ones posted for sale. 

Essayhelp.com wants to present you with a list of some great education Joomla themes. Maybe, after a closer look, you will understand that you have already seen something familiar while visiting colleges’ and universities’ websites.

JSN KidZone

(Kindergarten and School Template)

As you can see from the screenshots, this template has beautiful pastel colors and an easy to use interface. You can adjust the template per your educational establishment, though it seems to be designed for kindergartens and elementary schools. Also, it can be used to create a design for extracurricular activities. 

Do not forget to fill the spaces for courses and class descriptions and mention goals and missions.

You can see that you need to pay for this template by visiting the link, but you can have a 30-day free trial with access to all features.

JD Gurukul

This template is very easy to customize per your needs. It includes everything a high school website needs: faculties, news page, schools life feed, spaces to describe facilities (labs, rooms, extra facilities), event’s calendar, and even a possibility to include a bell schedule.

It also has a nice feature of news ticker that includes links to the recent articles or blog posts added to the website. This is how it looks. 

eSchool Education

You have a concept of a website aimed at different online courses or online education. Now you need a design that will make your site modern and attractive. We offer you to check this template. It includes categories for courses, events, pages, and blogs. The description of courses already has the price and a feature of attaching files to created lessons. 

The template will display the latest posts from the blog and has a field for people to subscribe to the newsletter.

It looks very stylish and simple simultaneously. What else do you wish to have from the site aimed at catching attention to your online courses?

JSN eCourse

Are you looking for another template to design your website, which aims to provide online education? Take a look at this modern and clean template. It is entirely focused on websites engaged in selling online courses. Its main menu even considers the desire of users to create their lessons or courses. 

The minimalistic design allows you to make your site multifunctional in terms of online courses. Both business and creative writing courses look appropriate and harmonious. And this is what the knowledge seekers want: simplicity and relevance. 

Language School Template

We recommend you to look at this template if you have a language school or course, but do not have a website yet. It is great for any foreign language you decided to teach. And it is great for several foreign languages as well. It includes a space where you can list your reasons why students need to study your subject and why they have to study it at your center/school/courses. 

Get this template, fill it with all the necessary details (how to apply, who are your team, where students can find you, etc.), and enjoy the increase in demand.

Besides, the template looks great in any version: mobile, tablet, or desktop. Another factor making it great.

Education Centre Joomla Template

This template is perfect for any educational establishment website. The flexibility of its appearance allows you to use it for language schools or extracurricular activities. It includes the minimum required to launch your site; you can see that Programs, News, and Contacts are neatly organized. The responsive HTML5 layout of the template is done flawlessly. The template is quite simple, suitable for beginners who only begin learning programming, codes, and layout. The color palette is light and bright, and it does not have any design excesses.

Dance Studio Template

Yes, the title implies that the template aims at websites for different dancing studios. But give it a try and see that you can use the template for teaching other extracurricular activities. The template’s simplicity allows you to turn it into a design for a website for sports clubs or for studying different directions in art.

You won’t be disappointed while choosing it. 

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