Will Oakland Raiders’ Move to Las Vegas Bring Success to the Franchise?



The Oakland Raiders are no more. The franchise that was founded in 1960 and played all of its games in California has now upped sticks and rebranded itself. It is time to welcome a new and improved, transformed franchise to the NFL in the shape of the Las Vegas Raiders. The long-mooted move which was unanimously approved by NFL team owners in 2017 has been completed, and the Raiders now play their home games in the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise Nevada. The question is, will this move bring about a return to the glory days for the side?

Why Did the Raiders Move?

The Oakland Raiders are one of the few franchises in the NFL that hasn’t strictly remained in the same place throughout its history. The side began in the West Coast port city, but relocated to Los Angeles for over ten years from the 1982 season until 1994. The Raiders moved back to Oakland and played their home games at the Oakland Coliseum, but had to share the stadium with franchises from other sports.

The Coliseum is primarily used to host Oakland Athletic MLB games, and the baseball franchise recently made plans to renovate the stadium, thus making it unusable by the NFL side. Raiders were forced to relocate in order to find a suitable place at which to play their home games. The franchise didn’t want to rely on public funding in California to build somewhere, but Las Vegas promised $750 million for the Raiders to make a new home in the Nevada city. Prior to this, Las Vegas didn’t have an NFL team, so it represented a good opportunity for the city to rectify this.

When the Raiders moved to Los Angeles in 1982, they won the Super Bowl the following year. They haven’t won the top honors since then, but Mark Davis will be hoping that this new relocation will have the same effect on his team’s fortunes.

Could Add to Their Global Appeal

Moving to Vegas could be a good way for the Raiders to add to their global appeal. The three-time Super Bowl winners and twelve-time AFC West champions may be well-known to NFL fans in the USA, but internationals seeking a side to support may go for one from a better-known city.

Vegas is one of the most famous cities in the world thanks to its history as a major gambling hub. Indeed, the influence of Sin City has permeated online gambling as well, one of the most lucrative industries in the world. There are numerous newly launched sites here that clearly have a Las Vegas influence, with LeoVegas and Neon Vegas being two standout examples.



For this reason, the newly-named Las Vegas Raiders may be able to attract casino fans from all over the world. International travelers would have another reason to visit the city on top of the vast array of entertainment options found there.

Moving to Las Vegas could be an excellent move for the Raiders. Not only will it help boost their international support, but it also means that they have a dedicated stadium that they can call their home for many years. It will also be fruitful from the point of view of the city, as it will bring in another stream of tourism.

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