How It Is Like To Date an Athletic Girl?

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Men love sports, football, cricket, rugby… you name it. 

Actually, they love all the things that gives them a satisfying feeling of adrenaline rush.

They can pump iron, run for kilometres, do a headstand – all in the wish of feeling the sense of self which they love the most. But the best he feels is when the reason behind feeling these senses is a woman.

And if the woman in question is athletic, then he has just won a jackpot.

Dating an athlete is never boring because if you piss her off, she can rampage your neck. 

But if you behave well, being with such a girl will be a great experience. She is sure to teach you a lot of things.

  1. She oozes Self-Dependence 

Your date will not be looking up to you for all the things she needs to get done. She is an independent girl. She has learnt this from her years of physical training.

Not only she can carry her own luggage but she can also handle her emotional phases on her own.

  1. The girl will be fun to chill out with.

Not only the girl is good at sports, she herself is a sport in all senses.

Drilling one’s body by exercising makes you sweat like a pig, and with the sweat drains away all the worries, anger, insecurities and frustration of the day.

Who doesn’t love the feel-good hormone endorphin?

Exercising definitely produces more endorphins in her body compared to others who don’t raise their butts from chairs for all day long.

The athletic girl is happy, chilled out, and fun to hang out with.

Of course, she will have her own problems and grey days once in a while. But she will know how to handle them with maturity.

  1. You are going to be with a great Foodie!

Your athletic date will eat. And eat. And eat.

Your life plans may have not been sorted out yet. But her weekly meal plan is sorted.

She knows when to eat what, and sometimes end up eating things which were not mentioned in her list at the first place.

Now, you have a work to do. Don’t try to be a senator and ask questions on why she eats so much.

If in a good mood, she may take it as a joke. If not, she will kick your name out of her contacts.

Food comes before everything for her. Mind you, even before you.

  1. The perfect date for her will be a good session of workout with you.


Thinking about a perfect date will not be a matter of confusion because you know your girl’s favourite place is the GYM.

Either go for a workout with her to the gym, or take her out to run a few miles. You both are sure to spend some good quality time together.

But Hey! Don’t forget to take her on real dates, to restaurants or candlelight dinners. She will drop subtle hints when she’s ready to go out with you and you better be attentive and understand it. Treat her special. She wants that too and should not be deprived of the luxuries every girl dreams of.

  1. Her flexibility will make you wild.

Athletes have an incredibly flexible body. Her flexibility is surely gonna make matters on the bed go to another level.

This girl will have more flexibility, more energy, and more strength. Satisfying her will be a little hard for you but boy, you are sure to enjoy every moment of it.

Mind you, her body is not the only flexible element about her. Her mind and decision-making skills don’t lack behind either. 

She will not throw unnecessary tantrums. You can be an open book with her and you will see her mind which is so open for everything.

  1. You can’t be motivated by her Aura.

She does her job, does the dishes, and works for her side-hustle. After a long day, she comes home to pack her bags and hits the gym.

How can you not be motivated by such a girl?

She will not force you to hit the gym with her but the decision will be totally yours.

You will see her juggling so many things at a time with a brave face. Sitting at the couch doing nothing will probably stab your heart.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself investing on running shoes instead of rum this week!

  1. Get ready for the combination of Hard and Soft.

Kicking out someone’s guts is not a task she will find hard to do, but she will not. Her body may be tough like a rock, but it will not affect her soft heart. 

A huge collection of sneakers and running shoes can be found in her cabinet, but kept aside will be a huge collection of heels. Yes, the lady can pull both of these with the utmost ease. 

If you are thinking of dating an athletic girl, you will be happy to know that she is the combination of the best of both worlds!

  1. Are you prepared to do Early Mornings?

Dating a fitness enthusiast will be sunshine and early mornings. If you are a night person, waking up at the time when the sun rises can be a pain in your ass.

You can’t stop a fitness conscious person from waking up at morning for a run or a session of meditation. 

Noises of moving things here and there, running to find her running shoes, boiling water for a good morning coffee, shaking of protein shakes – you are sure to find your sleep schedule pretty much messed up because you are going to wake up a hundred times before your alarm really goes off.

Nothing comes in this world without a few side effects. Like every other relationship, here also you have to make some compromises and deal with issues. They are pretty nonexistent when you see at the pros of dating such a girl.

And do you know? A healthy body assures healthy offsprings. 

So, you already know that your progeny is going to rock it like their mama! 😉


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