2019’s Touchdowns Of The Season

Patrick Mahomes


Few things in American football can quite match an exciting touchdown. When all the effort and concentration that goes into a great play is rewarded, it gets fans leaping out of their seats in celebration, every time.

The 2019 NFL season treated us to many exceptional moments and plenty of magnificent touchdowns to enjoy, which makes trying to sift through all of them a monumental task. Still, attempting to identify the best is fun and can also inspire lots of heated debates, perhaps even the odd argument or two. Regardless of other opinions and for a mixed variety of reasons, these are four special touchdowns from 2019 that have to rank amongst the best.

Mahomes Magic at Super Bowl LIV


Tied at 10-10 going into halftime, the Super Bowl clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami was always likely to be a classic. When the 49ers surged into a 20-10 lead in Q3, it looked like all the glory was heading their way, although the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes weren’t quite ready to throw in the towel.

Mahomes thoroughly earned his Super Bowl MVP by leading the Chiefs to a remarkable comeback, spinning the game on its head from being ten points behind to winning by eleven, all during what turned out to be an amazing Q4 display. Although it was ultimately Chiefs running back Damien Williams who got the final touchdown, it was another perfect throw from Mahomes which set everything into motion yet again.

Sure, there were better moments of action during touchdowns last season, yet it’s the significance of that final touchdown of the 2019 Super Bowl that places it on this list. Likewise, that game also highlights exactly why Patrick Mahomes ranks amongst the Top 5 NFL Players of 2020.

End Zone Grace by Golladay The Great


When the Detroit Lions published their Top 10 Catches of 2019, it could just as easily have been tagged as the “Kenny Golladay Show” instead. He featured in five of the ten highlights, including an inch-perfect catch which took top spot, keeping his toes just inside the end zone for a great touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4.

After making a positive 2-0-1 start to the 2019 NFL campaign, unfortunately, that narrow 30-34 defeat against the Chiefs also paved the way for a disastrous downturn for the Lions. While the Chiefs went on to enjoy a spectacular season, which culminated in the ultimate triumph at Super Bowl LIV, the Lions won just one more game and suffered 9 straight defeats.

Nevertheless, the dazzling wide receiver at number 19 was phenomenal for the Lions last season, and while the team as a whole didn’t live up to expectations, all the leading Michigan sportsbooks as listed here will have Golladay and the Lions tipped for a much better 2020 campaign. The minimum objective for the team will be reaching the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

Rodgers & Williams Make the Impossible Happen


Yet another game featuring the Kansas City Chiefs, although this time they were on the losing end of a thrilling Week 8 encounter with the Green Bay Packers. The touchdown play in this highlight was neither graceful nor magical, yet it’s the perfect demonstration of making every inch of space count, whether it’s throwing or getting on the receiving end of a phenomenal pass.

Phenomenal is arguably the best way to describe the pass from Aaron Rodgers for the Packers, given he was under heavy pressure from the Chiefs, who seemed like they had him covered. Incredibly, and just as he was being tackled to the ground, Rodgers somehow managed to execute the throw and even the commentators didn’t expect it to find the intended target.

The ball flew like a cruise missile towards the end zone and right in the corner, almost falling out of bounds in the process, Jamaal Williams was there to make the catch, even though he too was about to be tackled. It was a spectacular moment of resilience from the Packers, with that touchdown breaking a 17-17 deadlock against the Chiefs, before going on to secure a hard-fought 31-24 victory.

McCaffrey Flies Home with the Flip


The 2019 NFL season was ultimately one to forget for the Carolina Panthers, who failed to make the playoffs for the second season in a row. However, there were some memorable moments for the home fans to enjoy at the Bank of America Stadium, especially from their franchise MVP Christian McCaffrey.

McCaffrey performed with such brilliance last year, he earned not one but two slots in the Associated Press NFL All-Pro Team for 2019. There were no doubts about his selection as the outstanding running back, having become only the third player in his role to hit 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards in the same campaign. Likewise, he was just so good at everything he did, McCaffrey was also chosen as the NFL’s best flex option too.

During the most positive spell of the season and in the midst of a four-game winning streak, the Carolina Panthers hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5 of the NFL season, McCaffrey treated fans to one of the most memorable touchdown moments of the season. On the receiving end of a great pass, nobody from the Jaguars was going to stop McCaffrey as he took to the air, executing a wonderful flying flip to get the touchdown.

The Best, Really?

Were these really the best touchdowns from 2019? Well, we think so for the reasons mentioned alongside each. Disagree? Get on our Twitter or Facebook feeds and tell us why, but don’t forget to mention which 2019 touchdowns you believe are more deserving of special praise.


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