Research Ideas For Dissertation: Football and Baseball

Rows of american football balls in NFL Experience in Times Square, New York


In the professional era of sports, there is no shortage of research opportunities. Baseball and football are two of the most popular sports in the US and because of the lucrative nature of sports, new research is always welcomed.

If you are majoring in sport science and are looking for ideas for your dissertation, you might have hit a fork in the road or even be stumped as to the topic of your research.

Once you have completed a dissertation, jobs in sports management, sports therapy, coaching, nutrition, and many others will start opening up. It is important, though, to choose a topic that will advance your career path.

Baseball on the Infield Chalk Line


What is the correlation between sports gear and performance in football?

It is safe to say that sports equipment has evolved considerably over the years and many companies spend millions of dollars on improving their designs. One has to wonder though at how much influence the new equipment has a player.

Over the years, many people have claimed the superiority of their products only to be discredited as a fad. There are many ways in which to carry out the study, including brand analysis and brand comparisons. Your results could prove that the equipment has less of an effect than previously believed.

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Baseball and injuries

Baseball is not a high impact sport such as football, but it does come with its share of common injuries. Sprains and strains of the elbow, shoulder and arm are particularly common in pitchers, whereas ankle sprains are particularly common due to base running.

Although there are already research papers written on these types of injuries, there might be an area that has not been touched on. Medical research also changes and what was seen as best practice a decade ago can be proven to be false due to new technologies and analytical studies that are available today.

Rows of american football balls in NFL Experience in Times Square, New York,


Metabolic training: Examining case studies of different diets of elite athletes

When it comes to nutrition and metabolism, the medical world is always at odds. This is evident in the number of diets that get churned out every other year. When taking on a study of this nature, you will have your hands full as there are so many aspects of the study to take into consideration.

Everything from blood type, body type, age metabolic rate, geographical location and family history can be investigated to try and find patterns and correlations. There are hundreds of elite football players around and the study could prove to be quite comprehensive if done correctly.

Metal and psychological stability and performance

Professional psychological and mental strength are often under the spotlight in baseball. Because the mind is so complex, the psychological effects of pressure situations are difficult to predict. Some players have a natural ability to absorb pressure and perform even better under pressure, whereas other players succumb to the pressure and crumble.

There have also been instances where a whole team seems to buckle under the pressure and flop when the going gets tough. Can these athletes and teams be taught how to deal with the pressure and use it to their advantage?

The psychological and sociological influence of doping in football

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Unfortunately, doping is a very real problem in sports and the pressure to perform is getting out of hand. Many athletes fall prey to doping due to this pressure and feel that the only way they are going to make it is if they use enhancers.

Apart from the physical effects of doping, there is also the psychological ad sociological arenas to investigate. Very few studies have been done in this area, seeing that the whole practice of doping is so secretive. It might be one of the more challenging topics to tackle, but the rewards will be equally great.


There are literally hundreds of topics to explore in baseball and football alone. Once you start doing some digging, you might even find that choosing a topic to go with is more difficult than finding something to write about. The best advice is to start writing. As soon as you start writing up your research problem, the ideas will start flowing.

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