The Footballers Who Need To Bounce Back

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NFL 2019 Season Recap

The NFL officially reached its 100th birthday last season. After months of matches entailing, huddles, feats, injuries, losses, and ongoing tension, the Kansas City Chiefs came out of the process victorious. For the second time in history, the Chiefs claimed their Super Bowl title as winners in their final game versus the San Francisco 49ers.

While NFL teams get ready for a new big season, management, supporters, and organizations alike are assessing weaknesses in the herd from the last season, which could determine the NFL odds of a team winning or losing in the upcoming season. To assist bettors, supporters and football enthusiasts, etc., this article shall highlight three players that underperformed last season, but more importantly, whether there’s any hope that each player’s drawbacks can be corrected this fall.

Everything and anything can influence whether a player brings heat to the game. Plus, winning isn’t determined by a player’s physical strength and speed alone. It’s about self-belief, passion, courage, and quick thinking. While also striving to lift and support other teammates in training and on the day of the match. Above all, a player’s first job is not to serve his interests, but the teams.

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual – Vince Lombardi.

Last Seasons Underperforming Players

Player: Philip Rivers,
Team: Indianapolis Colts (former Los Angeles Charger)
Position: Quarterback

Philip Rivers’s main issues throughout the NFL, particularly in the game versus the chiefs, was turnovers. For example, on four occasions during one match, Philip intended to throw the ball to one player, yet threw it into the opposing team’s arms.

Numerous careless interceptions gave the Chiefs a leg up during the game. Rivers’ performance impacted the outcome, which resulted in a 24 – 17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Other fumbles and interceptions from Rivers across the season contributed towards the L.A. Chargers being defeated in the championships. According to Sports Info Solution, the on-target rate of Rivers throws beyond fifteen yards, was 47.8%. Positioning Rivers at number 29 out of all quarterbacks in the NFL last year.

On 10th February 2020, Rivers and the Chargers mutually agreed he would leave the team. Since March 2020, Rivers has signed a new contract ($25 million for one year) to play with the Indianapolis Colts.

Rivers has a new opportunity to dust off his previous season’s reputation and start afresh with the colts. Practicing his downfield and deep throws shall assist.

Player: JuJu Smith-Schuster
Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Position: Wide Receiver

Juju was not a terrible player last season; however, whether Smith- Schuster lived up to his full potential is fair to question. Juju, at just 22, caused doubts ahead of the season, with concerns over how he would perform without Antonio Brown placed opposite him.

Arguably, Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph could have done more to provide better guidance and opportunities to players throughout the season, namely JuJu. On multiple occasions, JuJu was open. However, Rudolph failed to send the ball his way. Maybe, if Ben Roethlisberger hadn’t been injured, JuJu would’ve had a better opportunity to perform just as well as he did in the NFL in 2018.

With Roethlisberger, the two-time winning Super Bowl quarterback, overcoming his elbow injury and eager for the next season, things are looking up for the Pittsburgh Steelers, particularly for JuJu. If he gets a chance to prove himself under Ben’s instructions, he can put to bed 2019s performance for good.

Player: OJ Howard
Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Position: Tight end

OJ Howard’s position as a tight end means he can be appointed to either blocking or pass-catching. However, Head Coach Bruce Arians’ offensive strategies don’t involve much passing concerning tight ends. Which explains why O.J. ‘s receiving production of 17 caught for 223 yards, was low.

Howard is a great athlete, with a physique in demand by American football, particularly for blocking. O.J. stands at 6 foot 6 inches and 251 pounds. However, he hadn’t grasped the essential points required in his position. More specifically – his route running, from last season, needs the practice to stand him in with a better chance of bouncing back in the coming season.

With Rob Gronkowski, making his way into the Bucs, Howard shall hopefully benefit from having a mentor who can help him spring back from last season.

Most supporters and team personnel are hoping for O.J. to step up and embody the first-class talent everyone thought he had when he was initiated on the team. In the best-case scenario, Rob and O.J. become a lethal defense tag team and a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming NFL games.

Footballers Who Need To Bounce Back: Summarized

For Rivers, he may very well be past his heyday. He’s almost not far away from 40, and most quarterbacks tend to retire before this age. However, there’s still a chance for him to bounceback and add value to the colts team.

Juju is in, what should be, the prime of his life on the field. However, with little opportunity presented from the previous Q.B., he didn’t have much time to prove himself. The upcoming game, however, we’re expecting an entirely different play now Ben Roethlisberger is back in charge of the mix. Hopefully, his elbow won’t experience any problem this time around.

For O.J., although his position in team Alabama at college, featured him as more of a blocker, the buccaneers are confident he can do more. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have chosen him to play again this season. Plus, with Rob Growgownski around, O.J. shall have an experienced player to follow in-game.

Of course, no team’s success or failure can be solely attributed to one player, unless they do something dire, of course. The whole team must take accountability, lead, mentor, guide, train with, motivate, and challenge other team players. Primarily, it’s the coach’s job to instigate such practices, ensure the team dynamics work well, and the Quarterbacks to organize the team’s production and execution on the field. But every player still has a significant role in upholding.

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