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There are many high school students in football, and they can’t even think of dropping off playing football matches even during the hard college years. If you are one of them, take a look at the list of American colleges where football is treated the same way as the learning process.

Ohio State University

The university is famous for its team called the Buckeyes. They have a long and incredible story that includes tears of joy, defeat, and rage. The Buckeyes wear a uniform of scarlet and gray colors with the university emblem. By the way, they are very proud of this uniform, as they believe it helped to win most of the significant matches. The team’s home stadium is at Ohio State University in Columbus, a concert place for such bands as U2 and Rolling Stones.

University of Alabama

The football team is named the Crimson Tide. It first made history in 1925 after they beat the rivals and got the invitation to participate in the Rose Bowl tournament. The Crimson Tide has devotee fans who come to the stadium wearing clothes of the football club colors (crimson and white) to support their beloved football players. In 2017 the fan attendance reached almost 1,3 million. Can you imagine how many students got paper writing help to have an opportunity to see the match with their own eyes? If you want to become one of them, do your best to be enrolled here.

Pennsylvania State University

Having become a newcomer, you can probably enjoy the most remarkable events in the university’s history. Penn State’s Nittany Lions is the pride of this university. It has won a lot of various trophies that led them to the first positions of the conference tournament. Some fans are sure that their beloved Nittany Lions can beat some European football teams, but Lions guys don’t hurry to prove something. They play for pleasure and protect the university’s reputation.

Florida State University

The Seminoles team has a rich history, including 500 football matches they won. The team is considered one of the toughest in NCAA. Besides, the team has a uniform that respects the Seminoles’ culture using some Indians symbols like an arrow,  rider on horseback, and fire. Such images can be seen on jerseys and helmets. The team’s home stadium is called the Doak Campbell Stadium, but students usually call it the Doak. The stadium can fit about 80,000 fans and is one of the biggest brick constructions, not including the Great Wall of China.

University of South Carolina

Studying at South Carolina, you will get solid knowledge, meet new friends, and become a part of historical football games. The university team is called Gamecocks and is famous for its rough-and-tumble play. The opponents are trembling with fear while the audience wants to see what new football tricks Gamecocks got during the training from their brilliant coach. How do these guys keep up with their studies? Do they really get papercoach help? Otherwise, combing games and study is a pipe dream.

University of Arkansas

The university team Razorbacks was formed in 1894. Over the years, the team goes on speeding up and master its game tactics. The Razorbacks fans are used to encouraging their winners with cheers and the increasing numbers of spectators every match. They are willing to show how much spirit in numbers is. They believe the more supporters come; the more successful the match will be. One cannot help but notice that the Razorbacks are among the top 25 most-winning football teams of all time. They have much to be proud of, don’t they?

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