Big Ben Shaved & Lost Weight Too?

Big Ben shaved

Big Ben has shaved his quarantine terrorist beard and has gone outside of his normal element and has released a hype video showing him (bearded) throwing to Juju at an undisclosed location. On the video that many of you can’t see because his Twitter management team has you blocked by some blocking bot that has been deployed over the years, Big Ben is looking skinny, obviously shaven and talking to a woman we presume to be his wife who has to be happy her terrorist-looking husband IS BACK.

What a day for the NFL. It appears we’re about to get some real action out of these guys now that training facilities are opening up again. You know Roethlisberger, 38, has to like his chances in the AFC North with a rookie in Cincinnati, inconsistent Baker and Lamar about ready to come back to earth. Maybe this is Big Ben trying to do his own Last Dance documentary.

The other big news here is that he’s looking awfully skinny for this time of year. Normally he’s fat AF right now and sheds the pounds in July like us normal guys who lose lbs. by cutting the grass and tree limbs in the humidity. This guy means business.

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