Florida Man Arrested For Driving With His Penis Out

Florida Man Justin Mosser says he drives with his penis out when it gets too hot

Florida Man Justin Mosser had a very legit reason for driving around with his penis out and (ALLEGEDLY) stroking it as he pulled up next to women driving around Avon Park, Florida a town right in the middle of nowhere Florida. It gets hot and he needs to air it out. Legit reason. It’s hot AF season in Avon Park and the humidity is rising. Justin needs to air it out. Simple as that.

Yeah, I know, Justin was accused of doing it 8 a.m. on a Monday. Sun comes up and it’s hot AF. If you’re shocked by this defense out of Florida Man, you don’t know Florida Man very well. They’re some of the best defense attorneys out there. Turns out, according to Justin’s Facebook, that he studied law at Harvard.

From Fox 13News:

When the detective looked over at Mosser as he was driving, his penis was exposed and he was trying to draw her attention to it. As the vehicles got side by side again, investigators said Mosser began masturbating.

When they pulled Mosser over to arrest him, he told detectives he often drives with his penis exposed because he gets hot and “airs it out.”

According to the sheriff’s office, Mosser claimed he has done this four or five times before to random women while driving down the road. Detectives said he showed no remorse for his actions.

Justin’s Facebook bio:

Justin Mosser Facebook

Posted by Justin Mosser on Wednesday, 6 July 2016

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