Oregon Man Arrested After Pouring Gas On Man, Ripping Off His ProstheticLeg & Stuffing Him In Trunk

Troy Kenneth Dahl was arrested for assaulting man / via DCSO

Oregon Man Troy Dahl went off the deep end on Cinco de Mayo, according to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office who arrested Dahl for pouring gas on a man, ripping off his prosthetic leg and stuffing him in a Chevy Tahoe trunk. That’s one of the weirdest assaults I’ve heard over the course of 10+ years here at BC. It’s one thing to rip off a guy’s leg and stuff him in a trunk after beating him up. It’s another to pour gasoline on the guy and threaten to turn him into a blaze. Rona has people doing crazy stuff out there.

From the Deschutes County sheriff’s office:

On May 5th, 2020, at approximately 8:00PM, Deschutes County 911 received a call about an assault that just occurred in a remote forested area near Reed Rd and Darlene Way in La Pine.

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Deputies arrived and determined Troy Kenneth Dahl and the victim are acquaintances and has been in an on-going argument.

The two men continued to argue while driving in Dahl’s Chevrolet Tahoe. Dahl drove the truck into a nearby wooded area where he began assaulting the victim with pepper spray and punches before removing the victim’s prosthetic leg and throwing it into the nearby woods. Dahl then poured gasoline on the victim and threatened to light him on fire using a cigarette lighter. Dahl did not light the victim on fire

However, Dahl put the victim and his prosthesis in the trunk area of his SUV and drove victim to his relative’s house where Dahl dumped the victim in the middle of Cassidy Drive. Dahl rang the victim’s relative’s doorbell and fled the area. The victim’s relative called 911 after finding the victim in the roadway.

The victim sustain non-life threatening injuries and sought is own medical treatment.

DCSO Deputies searched the area and located Dahl’s Chevrolet without Dahl. A Search Warrant was obtained and the truck was seized for evidence processing.

The next day, Troy Dahl, voluntarily surrendered to Deputies and was arrested. He was later lodged in the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Jail with the above charges.

As you would’ve guessed, this wasn’t Troy’s first rodeo with the local sheriff’s office. Let’s go back to 2018 when cops were hunting for their guy.

You can go even further back to 2011 when Dahl was arrested for a couple robberies. Seems like we have a trend with Dahl. It would be one thing if there was one arrest where he pours gas on a guy, but Troy’s been in trouble before here. Gotta get it together Dahl.

Troy Dahl 2011
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