Sports Are Finally Coming Back Which Means… I’m Betting Again

So this news dropped on Monday. This is phenomenal news! I don’t know how trusted a source Trevor Plouffe is and of course, even if this is based on some real info anything could change between now and June 10th but I am going to be optimistic here. America needs baseball. If we can be guaranteed MLB baseball and the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest by the 4th of July, America will be all the way back.

This news has inspired me. I took a brief hiatus from sports betting (besides the NFL Draft and a few ponies) but I am ready to reinvest myself into the futures market. We have the UFC coming back which I will most definitely be betting, once the MLB makes their start date official and lets us know how the season is going to happen I’ll lay down some futures there. But we can’t forget about the NBA & NHL too! I think it’s inevitable those guys come back to finish their season around July as well. So let’s take a look at the futures market there.

Currently, the NBA Championship odds remain unchanged:

The Bucks are the favorite to win it all and Lebron‘s Lakers are the favorite out of the West. I’m thinking value when it comes to this strange season. A lot of guys will most likely not be taking their workouts very seriously during quarantine, maybe drinking too much wine (*cough* LeBron *cough*) or just being lazy. I’m definitely counting out the Rockets because there is no chance in hell James Harden is staying in basketball shape. So when it comes to value, I’m actually looking at the Utah Jazz. The Jazz of course famously started off this whole Coronavirus thing in professional sports. They famously had a game canceled right before tip-off and then it came out later that night that Rudy Gobert had tested positive for Coronavirus. That seems like YEARS ago but it was really only a few weeks ago. Crazy. But my point is, the Jazz had this thing first, battled through it, and must be more motivated than anyone to get back to basketball after their embarrassing night that got the season canceled (of course it would have been shortly afterward anyways but still). Then when it comes to a favorite, I’ll take the Clippers. Kawhi is the type of guy to stay laser-focused during his time off and be ready to come back and will his team to a title for the second year in a row.

So go ahead and give me the Clippers +340 and the Jazz +2400 to win the NBA Championship in 2020, whenever they’re ready to play basketball. Make sure to keep an eye out because God willing there are going to be a lot of announcements about the return of sports over the next few weeks, which means a lot more gambling posts from me!

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