Aussie Tahlia Hall Gets The Day Rolling, Von Miller’s Negative & Anderson Cooper’s A New Dad

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Game 3 of the 1990 World Series is tonight. I have to admit I didn’t watch Game 2 last night on Fox Sports Ohio. Spent the night digesting some difficult news. It was a sorta quiet night around the house. But it’s Friday and life has to roll on and it’ll include Game 3 and I might have to catch some of the 1989 Notre Dame-West Virginia game on NBCSN. If you’re old enough to remember the major players in that one then you know how big that one was. Keep your fingers crossed…we’re a couple weeks away from live NASCAR.

Aussie Tahlia Hall gets things rolling on a beautiful Friday

Cops called on couple because wife looks so young…she’s 22, he’s 49

Oral history of GBV’s Alien Lanes…this is great stuff for my Dayton friends or those in the know

Von Miller’s back to testing negative

Coronavirus safety feature costs Spieth hole-in-one

WV weather woman has trouble with gas

A surrogate has given birth to Anderson Cooper’s baby boy

Hannah Leiner is now an NFL quarterback girlfriend

Today Off The 1st Tee Video of the Day

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