YASSSSS QUEEN! Stephanie Abrams Creating Content

Stephanie Abrams:Jim Cantore

Stephanie Abrams/Jim Cantore

Here I had no idea what was going on over on the Weather Channel because my ass has been stuck inside a house for two months and I can pretty much tell what the weather’s going to be via my phone and looking at the sky. It’s not like I need a full national report since I’m not leaving the house to make trips within a three-hour radius of NW Ohio. No hurricanes, not watching.

Then one of our loyal spotters, Tim Kay, sent word this morning that Stephanie Abrams pumped out some piping hot TikTok dancing content so of course I’m going to hit play. Turns out Stephanie Abrams can get after it while Jim Cantore plays the typical white guy at a wedding bit.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about Abrams: she has over 2 million Twitter followers. Insane. Weather still moves the needle for you guys. Here’s something even crazier — Mike Seidel from the Weather Channel has 2.5 million followers. That’s right, Seidel just leaving Abrams in the dust. That’s what happens when your ass is out there being blasted by tornadoes and hurricanes – followers.

Pretty much the only time I watch Stephanie Abrams: hurricane coverage.

stephanieabrams | View On Instagram

stephanieabrams | View On Instagram

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