Kazakhstan Woman Falls To Her Death Trying To Get End Of Coronavirus Lockdown Photo

Olesia Suspitsina fell off a cliff to her death while reportedly posing on a cliff celebrating coronavirus lockdown being over / Facebook

The coronavirus lockdown was lifted this week in Turkey where Kazakstan native Olesia Suspitsyna went out to get a photo after leaving her residence and fell 115-feet to her death. Authorities say Olesya climbed over a safety fence to get a photo of Duden waterfalls in the background. That’s when things went bad and she fell to her death.

From the Daily Mail:

A 31-year-old woman slipped on the grass and fell from a 115-foot cliff to her death while posing for a picture in Turkey.

Kazakh native Olesya Suspitsyna perished in front of her female friend who was taking the photograph in the tourist city of Antalya in the south-west of the country.

The incident occurred on Sunday after the government lifted the coronavirus quarantine in the city.

Reports say the women went for a walk to the popular Duden Park, known for its scenic waterfalls, after weeks of the stay-at-home order.

Look, Olesia isn’t the first from the ‘do it for the gram’ society to fall off a cliff and won’t be the last. It’s pretty sad that people can’t be satisfied with a pic that includes a fence in the background. There’s no stopping people who need that selfie even if it means risking falling to their death at Yosemite. It’s still true: doing it for the Likes can have tragic consequences. Confirmed.

These are the waterfalls that Olesia was trying to get a photo with when she fell to her death.



She had a history of posting on cliffs for the gram:

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