Morgan Kachenmeister Celebrates California Beach Reopening By Showing Off The Gun

Last week I blogged about the gun Instagram fitness model Morgan Kachenmeister possesses and said that she has officially differentiated herself from the rest of the Instagram ladies by throwing footballs on video. I’m losing track of my days, but that was Friday I posted Morgan. Then I went about my business and last night I saw on the news that California had reopened beaches due to a heat wave. This morning I fire up IG and there’s Morgan launching a football off a balcony onto a public beach.

This how you IG in 2020. Social distancing football. Morgan gets it. Totally understands the content game as it stands heading into May 2020. Obviously she saw that the NFL Draft TV ratings were historic. Guys are desperate for pigskin. They’re desperate to see pigskin flying in the air. That’s why it’s brilliant for Morgan to work in a California beach and pigskin. Give these guys a feeling of normalcy in a not-so-normal world right now.

“Alright.. so maybe I over threw it this time around 😅 + super down hill so keep it to yourself this is just for fun,” Morgan wrote about gunslinging off the balcony. I mean, the beach has been closed. Gotta keep working at it and get the accuracy down from that high up.

Morgan Kachenmeister Can Launch A Football
Morgan Kachenmeister Can Launch A Football
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