Masha Fokina Stops By, Mike Vrabel Says Son Wasn’t Taking A Dump & Jerry Jones On The Yacht

Crymson Rose is ready to go to Dallas with boyfriend CeeDee Lamb / via IG Story

NFL Draft rolls on tonight. That’s right, more action from family rooms. I hope ESPN has 100 more families for me to watch. The action is so perfect. I had a friend complaining about how long the 1st round was taking. All I kept thinking was how I could watch this stuff 24 hours a day during quarantine. Nothing else matters today. Clear your schedule, you’re watching the draft.

Masha Fokina gets Friday rolling

This hardo could be Kim Jong Un’s successor

Mickey Mantle reportedly puked while banging some woman back in the day…I might read this book

Jerry Jones was on his $250M yacht

Mike Vrabel: My son wasn’t taking a dump during live look-in

I can’t believe this Florida Man was arrested for DUI…doesn’t look like he drinks

TV reporter has a fish on top of his fridge that looks like it’s about to eat him

CeeDee Lamb’s girlfriend one more time

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Faith Violet Schroder Stops By, Dolphins Begging Cincy & Nick Saban Makes Bold Claim
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