Jessie James Decker Roasted By Women For This Photo With Her Son In The Room

“You walk around like that with your kids around… 🧐,” eliza84beth wrote to Jessie James Decker on Tuesday after the NFL media wife posted a photo of herself lounging around the house in what appears to be her underwear while her young son is in the background of the shot and her Golden Retriever gets a nap. Oh hell yeah it was ON! Ladies picked sides and the super majority were on Jessie’s side on this one.

“@eliza84beth yes. No different than a swim suit. I teach my children the body is beautiful ❤️ nothing to be ashamed of❤️,” James fired back. That was followed by many “YASSSS Queen” mentions, blah, blah, blah. Oh hell yeah I’m down for a quarantine cat fight out on the IG streets.

Then Rod fired off, “Are you really that desperate for attention?” James didn’t back down. “Yeah, I don’t get enough love. Can I get a hug?” Look, let’s cut to the chase here, Rod. Of course she’s desperate for attention. It’s the Corona era and famous people need that affirmation. It’s a drug. Jessie’s sitting on 3.2 million followers and bored. Nothing snaps a celeb out of boredom like a good ‘ol fashioned comment war where the star’s supporters show up to provide security. 

That said, I’m proud of both sides here because we get great content and that’s what the name of the game is these days as I wait for the NFL draft.

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